Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It is Upon Us....

Sorry for the lack of blogging activity. Things have been crazy. There has been lots going on, in addition to the PE being this Friday. That's right, everything the last few months of studying has been leading up to is upon us. I would greatly appreciate your prayers. I feel that I have adequately prepared and done everything I could on my part to be ready. So Friday, beginning at 8 am and ending between 5 and 6 pm I will be working all sorts of civil engineering problems and I would greatly appreciate your prayers. I know I just need to be calm and read through everything carefully and double check and make sure I don't make any silly mistakes.

There are a lot of other things going on in our lives, in my head etc. but for now I just need to focus on getting through Friday. I will be so happy when it's over, I'm not even really worried about it anymore, just looking forward to being done. I'll be back next week and hopefully back to a little more regular posting. Hope everyone is having a great week!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So last night I had another realization of how ridiculously blessed I am. I've been sick for the past couple of weeks. What started out as a cough that I think was caused by allergies turned into some sort of respiratory infection. After nearly 2 weeks of coughing I finally decided to go see a doctor. I think my co-workers appreciate this more than anyone. They are tired of listening to me cough up a long every five minutes. One even worked with his office door shut last week just so he didn't have to listen to me. But that is neither here nor there.

So I used my Friday off last week to go see a doctor and she agreed that this cough has been going on far to long. She listened to my back, everything sounded fine. Then she listened to my chest and was likely able to hear all sorts of fluid in there as I breathed in and out. It was decided that antibiotics would be needed.

I can't tell you the last time I have been on an antibiotic. I get a cold every 4-6 weeks throughout the colder months of the year (this is cold #1, there will probably be 4 to 5 more between now and spring) but I rarely (as in not in the last 10 years) get an bacterial infection or other serious illness.

So the doctor writes a perscription and I go on my way thankful that I will finally get some relief from all the coughing. So Friday night is pretty bad. I definitely started feeling worse before I felt better. I pretty much cancelled all my Saturday plans and stayed at home studying. Luckily, I started to feel better. Then Sunday, wouldn't you know it, I wake up with stomach pain. I think that maybe I am just really hungry so I go eat some breakfast. This does not help. I am in pain all day Sunday. My stomach was hurting pretty bad. I was up in Northern Kentucky for my brother in laws birthday and we decided that it was likely the antibiotic that was making my stomach hurt. I figured I would take the pill I was supposed to with my dinner on Sunday night and see how I felt on Monday. Monday I woke up, and again stomach pain. So I didn't take my medicine and instead called the doctor and asked for a different antibiotic.

All this to say, there are people in this world that die from things that a simple antibiotic would cure. I have access to health care, where I can get a doctors appointment 2 hours after I call in, pya $25, see a doctor, pay another $10, get a perscription and then pay an additional $10 to get a different perscription that doesn't make my tummy hurt. The $45 this cost me is more than many people in the world make in a month and to me its just extra money that I would have rather put into savings or used to pay off my house, no sacrifices had to be made so that I could feel better. It's just crazy to me how the things that we take for granted and wouldn't think twice about are a huge deal for people in other parts of the world. It blows my mind how ridiculously much I have and how little others have. I think I need to be reminded of this a lot. It helps me keep a reality check on my needs vs. wants.

In other news, I fell out of a tree last night. In another installment of things most people my age don't do, we had a photo scavenger hunt for young life last night. One thing on the list was to take a picture of the whole team up in a tree. I had no issues getting into the tree, thanks to my long limbs, however I thought I was only a couple feet off the ground and went to hop down and the fall was a lot longer than I expected. I landed on my back and rolled out of it, acting like that was what I meant to do. My back hurt a bit for the rest of the night.

On that note, happy Wednesday folks!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

An Update

So in addition to my weekend o' fun amidst all the studying that has been going on, here's a little peek into the small everyday things that are going on in life right now.

1. I got halloween cookies in the mail yesterday from my wonderful parents! They are Cheryl & Co cookies and they are my fave!

2. I have a big fantasy football game this weekend. I am currently in second place in our league and I am playing the undefeated first place team. Last year the Mighty Penguins won the championship and I am hoping to repeat.

3. Speaking of repeats, this is totally random, but at young life camp every year there is a volleyball tournament. Just about every year Derek's cabin wins the volleyball tournament. This year at camp, I overheard one of the seniors telling one of the first timers that they have to win the volleyball tournament or Derek will be mad. I thought that was funny because while Derek does like to win at everything he wouldn't be mad if they didn't, but its also funny because he takes every competition at camp very seriously and they usually win just about everything.

4. When I went to the World Equestrian Games last week they had a big tent that showcased all things Kentucky, and in that tent was this:

That's right. It's the dress Rosemary Clooney wore in the movie White Christmas for the "Sisters" number. You may have no idea what I'm talking about. And that's ok. All you need to know is that my sister and I used to perform this number at all family functions when we were little. My grandparents claim that video evidence exists, however, I have yet to see it. I took this picture just for her.

5. Speaking of my sister, I'm ready for her to move back to this side of the Mississippi. Between the 2 hour time difference and our jobs, it is difficult to find time to talk and actually seeing each other would involve a several hundred dollar plane ticket. I don't like how rarely we see/talk to each other. On the bright side, whenever I do go see her it involves skiing for free or very cheap. But I would give that up to see her on a more regular basis.

6. Moose. He's such a good dog. And I have been neglecting him lately. The weekend after the PE is over he is getting a trip to the dog park. He says it with his eyes, "Take me to the park! Play with me!"

7. Derek. He's such a good husband. And I have been neglecting him too. He has been wonderful and has been paying attention to Moose. And the laundry. And the dishes. And everything else that I have been neglecting.

And just as I was writing this he called and asked if he could bring me something for lunch. What a sweetheart.

8. Topanga and Feeny. They don't get much air time on the blog. They pretty much live in the upstairs of our house now that Moose is around. But they are still as sweet as ever. Although one of them threw up in my flip flop the other night.

Ok. I think that pretty much covers what is going on in the Warnick household. I will be studying my life away, helping out at a charity golf event, going to my sister in laws baby shower and brother in laws birthday party this weekend. But thankfully this is a Friday off week for me! The weekend is soooo close! Love you all :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lake Trip

Before heading to the Reds playoff game last weekend we spent Friday night through Sunday morning at a beautiful cabin on Lake Cumberland. Our friends Eric and Rachel got a bunch of our friends together for a little couples retreat. {Have you seen that movie? I enjoyed it, it was pretty funny.}

Rachel took lots of pictures that are much better than mine so you can go check out her post for more details. But here are a couple that I took of the house and the view:

On the screened in back porch there was a bed. You can see the back porch in the first picture and the second picture is the view from the porch. I would love to sleep here and wake up to that view every day. There is also a little waterfall next to the house, so you would wake up to that view and the sounds of the waterfall. Wow.

And here are my beautiful friends that went on the trip:

The person who owns the cabin also has a houseboat and we spent most of Saturday afternoon on the lake on the houseboat. I forgot to bring my camera, but the houseboat was amazing as well.

We had such a fun weekend and I'm so thankful that we were able to go on the trip and spend some quality time with some wonderful friends.

Also, when you go check out Rachel's pics, be sure to congratulate her. She is expecting her first baby and her and Eric surprised us with the good news on the weekend trip!

Monday, October 11, 2010


It's Monday. And I'm doing pretty well considering the packed full weekend that we had. We didn't get home til 1:15 ish in the morning last night (or this morning, whatever) and now I'm back at work. I'll recap the rest of the weekend in a later post. But here's the reason we weren't home til so late last night (this morning, whatever):

We had tickets to the Reds playoff game! Unfortunately they got swept by the Philies - but the Reds haven't been to the playoffs since 1995, so we were super excited to be able to go see them play in a playoff game. Here are a few fun photos from our evening:

I know we look a little rough, but it was actually hot on Sunday so we were a bit sweaty from our hike from the car to our seats.

And bonus - we got to see Chapman throw some 100+ mph fast pitches.

Unfortunately my camera doesn't have a great zoom so you can't see him too well.

Maybe next year, Reds. It was a good time and probably worth missing out on a little sleep for. I'll be back later for a recap of the rest of the weekend. Happy Monday!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posting as of late. I'm just gonna go ahead and say that you can probably expect very sporadic posting from me for the rest of October. There is lots going on at work and in life and then I need to be studying the rest of the time, so I'll apologize now and promise that November will be better.

Now, onto the topic for today: World Equestrian Games. It's like the Olympics for horses, it's held every 4 years and this is the first time the U.S. has hosted it. It is going on right now at the Kentucky Horse Park. My company helped work on the traffic operations for this, which was actually pretty cool to get to be a part of and see how it all came together. As a reward for our 3+ years of work on this, my boss took a bunch of us out there on Tuesday to see what it was all about. It was definitely impressive, all the people and tents and displays, as well as the jumping event we attended. So here are a few pictures from WEG day.

Bus operations - the part that we traffic engineers were interested in


It was also fun to see all the people from different countries there, sporting their nations' gear and flags and everything.

It was a pretty neat experience. So impressive how high those horses could jump - and with someone on their back! Hope you enjoyed the photos! (Note - many of these - especially the horse jumping pics were taken by my co-worker Renee, who has a fancy pants camera.)