Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Birthday Fun

My parents came into town this weekend for a little birthday celebration. I won't tell you how old I am, because it's depressing, but I'll take any excuse to have them come down, eat cake and bring presents.

We kept the tradition alive this year of going to Sweet Magnolia and getting a sampler cake.

We decided that while all the types of cake are good, strawberry and chocolate are the best.

We sang happy birthday and I blew out my candle.(Please ignore the ends of my hair and the fact that I desperately need a haircut. Oh yeah, and the messy counter, the open cabinet and messy cabinet behind me. Thank you.)

We did lots of eating out, including dinner at Carrabbas. I love, love, LOVE Italian food!

I introduced my parents to the fun that is Mario Kart on the Wii. My dad used to play with us on our super nintendo when we were little. It's changed a little since then.

Derek took my dad frisbee golfing. My mom and I took Moose to the dog park. It's nice that it's not so hot out anymore and we can do things like that.

I took my mom to a little store called Two Chicks. They don't have stores like that in Columbus. She was amazed at how many things they had that you could monogram.

I also got presents. My "big gift" actually came a few days early in the mail.

I love it! Derek loves it too! Sometimes we fight over it.

I got other fun things like a cute new shower curtain and memory foam bath mat. I love getting out of the shower now!

Derek got me some new shoes and a book. I love these shoes. Athletic shoes are a weakness we share.
Derek also took me golfing. I'm not good at golfing, but I like being outside and I think it's fun. If it wasn't so expensive we would probably do it more often. It's probably funny to watch us. Derek is decent, but I'm lucky if I can get the ball into the air and to go more than 30 yards. We share Derek's old clubs that he got in middle school. I like to drive the cart. Keith came with us. He's really good. And we made a friend, a guy named David who was going to play by himself joined us to make a foursome. It was fun. 

I won't talk about the fight that Derek and I got in later that day. Just know that as much as I make it sound like things are always rainbows and butterflies, they're not. But we made up and ended up having a great night together. Yay for birthdays!

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