Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rocky Mountain High

Last week Derek and I took a little trip out to the mountains to visit my sister and go skiing.

The weather was pretty great for being the end of April. It was sunny the first few days we were there, followed by a snow storm with 6-ish inches of fresh powder and more falling throughout the day our last day of skiing.

I took no pictures this time around, probably because I am getting spoiled and feel like all of my pictures end up looking the same.{Here is last years post full of pictures.} But Derek never gets tired of the views, it's his favorite part, so he took lots of pics with his phone.

A few things to note from this trip:

1. I felt the best I have ever felt, physically. We're doing an exercise challenge at work, so I had been doing P90X for almost 2 months before the trip. While my legs did get tired from a full day of skiing, they were in soooo much better shape than they usually are.

2. This was Derek's first ski trip that involved skiing in serious powder. I think he liked it, even though it is a lot of work. He did great - I was impressed with his abilities. He is getting to be a better skier every time we go out, and it's fun to watch him improve and be able to ski runs that he hasn't been able to in the past.

3. The Pioneer Woman was in Vail at the same time we were in Breckenridge. Of course I didn't really read any blogs or spend much time on the internet while I was there, so I didn't know this til after the fact, but I can't believe we were so close!


Lucianne said...

derek makes me laugh. also these are some breathtaking views!

Callie Nicole said...

I'm glad you had a good trip! Sorry this is so late, I'm so behind on blog commenting. :-)