Thursday, September 6, 2012

August...A Look Back

August went by really fast this year. It was full of lots of celebrating, and enjoying the end of summer. Of course I find myself looking back with very few pictures to document this month, which I say I will try to get better at and never seem to do. Never the less, here is a quick little look back at the month of August:
  • August 3 - We acquired a little house guest for the weekend. His name is Oscar and he belongs to one of my coworkers. Having a bull dog is very different from having a retriever, but everyone got along well and I would say it was a success. 
  • August 4 - Baby shower for a friend from church. She is having twin boys (crazy!) who were actually just born last week. They definitely have their hands full. 
  • August 8 - Katie's birthday dinner celebration. Our birthdays are less than a week apart, along with our friend Ryan. We are already making big plans for our 30th next year!
  • August 10 - Taco Truck pool party at my boss's house. The weather cooled off substantially, so we didn't swim, but we did enjoy some amazing tacos from the coolest little taco truck, and some wonderful Mexican themed beverages.
  • August 11 - Holly's bachelorette party at the lake. I love going to the lake, and this was the only time I made it there this summer. Again, it was a little chilly, so I never actually got into the water, but enjoyed the boat ride as well as time spent relaxing with good friends and celebrating Holly's upcoming marriage.
  • August 12 - Birthday shopping with Derek! He took me to Target and let me pick out my gifts. It was lots of fun!
  • August 14 - My 29th Birthday! It's the last year of my 20s, which started out well with some surprise birthday donuts from Derek, followed by a little birthday dinner with friends and Graeters afterwards. 
  • August 18 - Holly's wedding. The reception took place at a beautiful bed and breakfast out in the country. And the weather couldn't have been more perfect for a wedding in the middle of August. We love Holly and Matt and are so excited for them to begin this adventure together. Before Holly's wedding I made it to the farmer's market for the first time this year, and then Moose and I went to the dog park to wear him out, so he would be well behaved at the Woodland art fair. He did a great job letting all the little kids come pet him, and especially being in a very crowded area. We both had lots of fun there!

  • August 24 - Derek and I headed up to Columbus to visit my family, but first, we stopped at the Kings Island water park on our way up. My goal all summer has been to go to a water park. I can't tell you the last time I went down a water slide. We were a little disappointed when we first got there and a lot of the water slides weren't open. But after a few trips around the lazy river, we noticed that some more slides were opening up, and it ended up being a really fun time. We were also able to go over to the regular park, and ride a few roller coasters without waiting in line! We ate some funnel cake and drove up to Columbus. 
  • August 25-26 - Spent time with my family. This was so so good, but also hard. My grandpa has had some health issues recently, so he was not feeling well. Also, because of his health, he isn't able to take care of my grandma right now, so she is in a nursing home. It's a hard situation that there really isn't a good solution to. Prayers for them and for my parents and aunt and uncle as they take care of my grandparents would be much appreciated. I love my family so much, and it's definitely hard living so far away from them. 
  • August 26 - Jenna moved in with us! Jenna gets married in a little over a week, and is moving, so we were so excited to have her stay with us for a little bit. I love having girl roommates!
  • August 28 - First soccer practice! Derek and I are coaching a girls 2nd and 3rd grade soccer team this fall. What was supposed to be our first practice the week before was cancelled due to weather, so this was our official first practice. About half of our team are girls that we coached last year. I'm excited to get to continue to invest in them this season, and for all the new girls we will get to know and love as well. Also - wow, what a difference a year makes. We are noticing that they listen much better this year and their skills have improved too.
Well, I think that hits the highlights. Sorry I'm very wordy. I struggle doing short and sweet recaps, but I want to get it all down before I forget. And here's to taking more pictures in September!


Anonymous said...

I had a great August with you Annie!

I look forward to coaching soccer games and going to our friends wedding with you this Fall! Who knows, maybe we can even go Apple picking with some friends!

Love you


Cider forever - Tea never!

Callie Nicole said...

Sounds like a busy but good month! I'm catching up on blog reading, sorry I'm commenting so late!