Friday, October 5, 2012

The Really Great News

In March of last year, we found out that Derek's mom's ovarian cancer had returned. Surgery was performed to remove the cancer, however, they found some that couldn't be removed. After surgery she started chemotherapy, and 16 weeks later, there were no traces of cancer. Praise the Lord!

Since then, Linda goes to the doctor every 6 weeks to have her CA125 levels measured. This number is a cancer indicator. And as long as it stays low, we are in the clear.

A couple of weeks ago she had her levels tested and they were high. Higher than they had been last March when they found cancer in various spots and couldn't remove it all.

Not good. But we were hopeful that maybe the test was wrong. Maybe something else triggered that number to go up. She was tested again, and the number went up, again.

This was not good news. This indicated that the ovarian cancer had returned for the 3rd time, and this would be the fourth time in her life that she would battle cancer.

A CAT scan was scheduled two days later that would show where the cancer had spread, and would determine the treatment plan.

The dramatic increase in the CA-125 numbers, coupled with the fact that last time the cancer had spread to various part of her abdomen (now in an open cavity rather than contained) had us very worried. We asked many friends and family members to pray that the CAT scan would show that the cancer hadn't spread to vital organs and that it would be treatable with chemo. It was a rough couple of days as we waited to find out what the future would look like.

Last Friday the doctor's office would call Linda and tell her the results of the CAT scan. Derek and I knew that this would be big news, regardless of the outcome, so we decided to to head up to NKY to surprise her and spend the day with her.

We arrived around 11. Linda had already called the office and been told that the nurse practitioner who would discuss the results with her would not be in until 11. So we would wait. Until 4:30 when they finally called. I know that every patient at this doctor's office is a cancer patient, and so everyone they see is a life and death situation. But didn't they realize that the magnitude of the outcome of these results?

Looking back, I'm so glad we were there. I would have been a mess at work, and not been able concentrate or get any work done. Linda would have been home all day, waiting. I'm glad Derek and I were there to help pass the time, take her mind off of it etc.

When Mary, the nurse practitioner, finally did call, we all held our breath. Linda walked into another room and I heard a gasp. Then she stepped out with a big smile on her face and a thumbs up. The scan was CLEAR!!!!!

She cried. I cried. We all cried. We hugged. I'm getting tears in my eyes just thinking about it.

Linda had been praying for a clear scan. Our friends and family had been praying for a clear scan. And me with my little faith was just hoping that it could be treated.

God is so, so, so, so good. He is faithful.

We are ecstatic.

Linda will still go ahead and start chemotherapy treatment. The rise in the CA-125 indicates that there is likely some microscopic cancer activity. But we feel confident that this round of chemo will totally get rid of it. We joked that we've never seen someone so happy to be starting chemo.

But no surgeries, no surprises about where it has spread to. Just really great news!

We went out to celebrate Friday night. It was a wonderful night. Enjoying the blessings of a God who cares for us, and who answers prayer. We are thankful.

You can still pray for Linda as she goes through another round of chemo. It's not easy. But Linda is strong and when she is weak we know that God will be her strength. Praise Him!


Jennifer said...

Such great news!

Callie Nicole said...

I'm so glad her prognosis is so good Anne! Praise the Lord!