Thursday, November 1, 2012


It's been a bit quiet around here. I'm not quite sure why. After the very busy weekend of celebrations things at work were real busy, but I made my nearly impossible Friday deadline, and now work is manageable. It's good to not feel rushed.

We finished up our fall soccer season. We had such a great time coaching our little girls. Practices and games were always a highlight of the week, even when little ones had a hard time paying attention or didn't quite pick up on what we were trying to teach them. I think they made great progress this season, and we have some really sweet girls on our team who brought lots of smiles and laughs to our lives each week.

We also got to spend a few days watching the 2 youngest boys of an LCA family. They really aren't that young, 10th grade and 6th grade, but young enough that they need someone to take them places and feed them. Old enough however to put themselves to bed, wake themselves up, get their homework and make plans with friends. We didn't need to entertain them, just make sure they ate and slept. But, let me tell you, we were only with them for about 4 days and keeping track of the schedules was no joke. Since one is high school and the other elementary school, they had to be at school at different times, got home from school at different times, had different football practice times, and then in the brief time we were there a senior football dinner, early morning football workouts, football pictures, a game, practices and the making of a Spanish appetizer for class were also thrown into the mix. Neither Derek nor I remember being that busy growing up. We think kids now are much busier than they used to be.

We had a few pretty low key days last week, and then this past weekend capped off wedding season 2012 for us. Our good friends Alex and Laura tied the knot on Saturday. Derek and his brother Kevin were both in the wedding party, which meant that we had the treat of Kevin and Kayla staying with us, as well as getting to go to the rehearsal dinner Friday night.

A few people came over after the rehearsal on Friday and we didn't make it to bed until 3 am! I can't remember the last time I was up that late. Luckily Kayla and I had no where to be until Saturday evening, so we went to Windy Corner Market for some breakfast and then laid on the couch and watched Friends while we dozed in and out of sleep. I can't remember the last time I did nothing all day, but it was pretty glorious. We met some friends for a little pre-wedding snack at Drakes and then headed to the church for the ceremony. The reception was at the Lexington Country Club and was absolutely gorgeous. They had delicious food, cake and other deserts, and the reception even included some square dancing - a Young Life favorite! Angie and Micah had a little after party, and it was another late evening. It was great to spend time with so many friends this weekend.

Sunday consisted of church and small group, as well as christening our fire place for the winter. I love cozy fires! Yay for being lazy all weekend long!

I think Derek may have some pictures of these things on his phone. I'll try to find those, but for now, just words. Sorry, I'm a bad blogger!

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