Monday, February 4, 2013

Fun Things

Here is a little recap of what's been going on around here lately:

  • Whole 30: Part Deux - I mentioned in the last post that we decided to do the Whole 30 again. Good news - we'll be finished on Tuesday! Bad news - Derek wants to keep doing it. This time around it has definitely been easier, in the sense that we haven't been as hungry, we know what to make for ourselves, and it wasn't quite as big of a shock to our bodies. We've also been watching more food documentaries, and are becoming more and more convicted that a Whole 30 type diet is probably one that we should try and stick to for good. We wouldn't stick to it quite as strictly, as we would allow ourselves to cheat (where as in the Whole 30 there is NO CHEATING!) and eat tasty things that aren't healthy every once and a while, and allow a little bit of dairy, whole grains and legumes, but we are becoming more convicted about what we consume and as we learn more about the foods we put into our bodies, we are really hoping to make permanent changes to our diet and the foods we eat.
  • Girls Weekend in Batesville - Last weekend (2 weekends ago?, I'm not sure the correct terminology, the last weekend of January) a bunch of us girls went to visit our good friend Jenna at her new home in Batesville. She has the cutest house, and we all had such a good time just hanging out and being together. We took a little tour of Jenna's new town, a few girls were crafty and sewed, while the rest of us napped and just enjoyed a relaxing day. We watched Pitch Perfect Saturday night, which I have decided is my new favorite movie. We capped off the weekend with church, lunch at Maggianos, and an IKEA trip. Lunch at Maggianos was rough. For $12.50 you can order a delicious pasta and they let you order a 2nd kind and bring it to you at the end of the meal to-go! I had to pay $12.50 for a salad, didn't get to take any to go, and was still a little hungry at the end of my meal. Thanks, Whole 30! I told Derek that I want to go back and fully take advantage of that little deal one day. (So much for trying to stick to the Whole 30 for good! It's ok as long as we don't do it regularly, right?) 
  • Super Bowl Sunday - We got together with some friends from our church small group to watch the Super Bowl together. This was more torture, food wise, and I may have taken some left overs to reheat on Wednesday (I swear, I really am going to try and continue my healthy eating, I just need a day to throw caution to the wind and then I'll jump back on the bandwagon). But the point in bringing this up wasn't to talk about food more, but to say how incredibly blessed we've been by friendships that we have made in the past year through this group. Leaving Young Life was hard, and no longer being a part of the YL community regularly makes me sad sometimes. But I know that God has prepared for us the work we are doing serving in our church, and He has blessed us a lot, even though it has been hard at times. (I could write a very long post about all the feelings I have about this, what has been good, where I've struggled, etc. but we'll save that for another day!)
  • Snowy Winter Weekend - The snow showed up this weekend, and Derek ended up cancelling all his basketball games on Saturday, which meant that we got a whole day to hang out. We were supposed to go to NKY for a baby shower, but ended up deciding against it, since the weather was so iffy. We were super sad that we weren't able to see our good friends, but not to sad to snuggle up in our warm home and watch movies. Apparently since I grew up without cable, I missed out on lots of great movies, so Derek has taken it upon himself to educate me. Saturday we rented Groundhog Day and The Breakfast Club. I love Groundhog Day. Breakfast Club was ok. I think I might like it better if I had seen it before I was almost 30. I don't think I have enough teen angst left in me to really appreciate it. Next up: 16 Candles and Uncle Buck.


Mrs. Owens said...

It sounds like so many fun things going on in your next of the woods! I wish I could have gone to Batesville Girls Weekend! I say next year we should do it in Steamboat next year. I HATED Groundhog Day as a child, but I think I was seven and the whole plot line was really frustrating for me. I should probably give it another chance. I think you should add Girls Just Want to Have Fun to your's a classic and it has lots of famous people when they were in their awkward phase of life. Win, win. :)

Mrs. Owens said...

It seems as though I am currently logged into my school email account...sorry about the formality. You don't have to call me Mrs. Owens. Randi is fine. :)