Friday, May 3, 2013

NYC Trip: Wrap Up

Time to finish the recap of our NYC trip - only 2 months later - but I wanted to get the last couple of days of pictures up here.

Sunday started off with church at Redeemer. Tim Keller was there to preach which was a bonus. We weren't sure if he would be there and tried not to act to excited when he walked out from behind the curtain and took his seat on stage.

After church we walked over to Central Park and did a little exploring...

Followed by some shopping, lunch and more Central Park walking.

We had tickets to the Knicks game Sunday night, so we had a little down time in the afternoon at the hotel and then decided to walk to Madison Square Gardens so we could shop and check out other fun sights on our way there. Fun things we got to see included Rockefeller Center...

Saint Patrick's Cathedral...

And not pictured, Radio City Music Hall and lots of great shops.

And we even made it to the Knicks game in plenty of time to watch warm ups.

Monday was our last day, but our flight didn't leave until the evening, so we decided to squeeze a few last things in, including a walk through Grand Central Terminal...

And a trip to the top of the Empire State Building.

After the Empire State Building we headed to the West Village to get some cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery (maybe the best cupcakes I've ever had!)

And to the see the big Arc thing in Washington Park (I don't know what it's actually called, but we always see it in Friends and wanted to see it in real life!)

And finally, it was time to head back to Lexington.

We were just talking about our trip last night and about how much fun we had. We squeezed a lot in to our 5 ish days that we were there, and we would definitely go back. We got a little bit lucky because we went at the end of February so flights, hotels and shows were all pretty cheap, and the weather wasn't too bad which it enjoyable to walk around, especially since we weren't freezing.  Thanks for the awesome memories, New York City, we will definitely be returning!

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed going to NYC with you! Thanks for documenting it with all these wonderful pictures and commentary on your blog!

Can't wait to go on our next adventure together!

Love you!