Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Little House Project

Happy Thursday! Happy beginning of March Madness! I figured that today was one of the very few days where I could get away with wearing a t-shirt and a UK hoodie to work, so I did. Today is also my last day of work for the week. I usually have every other Friday off, but because of work, meetings and travel, I haven't had a Friday off (at least one in Lexington) in quite a while. So I'm loving the short work week.

My parents and grandparents are coming down to visit us this weekend and I'm real excited to see them all. In addition to just coming for a visit, they are also coming to help us with a little project in our house that we have wanted to do since we've moved in.

Derek and I like to take on little projects around the house. We get burnt out kinda easily though (and also have crazy schedules). So typically we will take on a project, finish it, and then take a break til we get motivated again. I think the last project we did was to redo our downstairs bathroom - nothing major, just take out a mirror and light fixture, paint, put in a new mirror and light fixture and redecorate. The redecorating part is still not done. Anyways, that took place about this time last year, and we are now feeling motivated to do something else. Unfortunately for you all, this something else is not all that fun. It is, however, something that we need to do. And that is build a floor in our attic.

Our attic runs the length of the second floor in our house, so we definitely won't floor the whole thing. Just enough so that we can store stuff up there. Like I said, not very exciting, but our closets throughout the house will thank us. Since we don't have a basement, this is really our only storage besides the garage, and we like to park our cars in there - especially during the winter.

So my dad and grandpa are going to bring down probably way more tools than we actually need (but I don't mind - I would rather have more than we need than not have the 1 thing we need) and we are going to build a floor.

The access to the attic is in our closet. And since there is insulation up in the attic that will likely get tracked down as we are going in and out of it, that means I need to get all of my clothes out of the closet. But I am thinking this will be a good opportunity for me to go through my stuff, pack up my winter clothes and get rid of stuff I don't wear, and generally organize the closet. Our closet is actually in decent shape because we are pretty good about going through stuff and getting rid of what we don't use on a regular basis, and we only use the closet for clothes, not tons of other stuff, but I still think it will be good to take it all out and get it nice and organized. I would love it if I could make my closet look like this:

But let's be honest, I have way too many clothes, shoes, etc. for that. But I am going to try to make it as clean and neat as possible. So that is what I will be doing with my day off tomorrow, and then family fun for the rest of the weekend - plus hopefully watching a couple of UK victories!

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