Friday, March 26, 2010


The sun has returned, and like many of you, my mood automatically picks up when the sun comes out. So today being Friday and the sun being out - here are a few things I feel happy about:

1. We finally decided on a vacation! In May, Derek and I will be heading down to Marco Island, Florida! This has been such a blessing. A very nice person who helps Derek out running the I am Third program, has a condo down there and is letting us stay there FREE! There is nothing like a free vacation. We still have to pay for food, flights, etc.(and we still have to book our flights) but you can't beat a free place to stay.

2. The Cats have made it to the Elite 8! Love March Madness and love that UK is playing so well.

3. I think I am going to have a garden this year! My parents are talking about coming back down here (they were just here last weekend) in a few weeks to help me til up the soil and get it started. Even if they aren't able to make it down I'm hoping that with their guidance Derek and I can make it happen. I am probably only going to plant a few things this year, but just the idea of starting one makes me happy!

4. It's almost Easter! Please pray that I can be more excited about celebrating the resurrection of Christ than being able to eat sugar. After all, the whole giving up sugar thing was hopefully to remind me to go to Him to fulfill my desires when I want to use sugar to do that. Still I am really excited about eating a chocolate covered glazed doughnut. I hardly ever eat doughnuts, so I'm not sure why this is what I am really excited to eat once I can, but it is.

5. My sister is going to be in Cinncinnati this weekend, which means that Derek and I get to go have dinner with her and her boyfriend, Jeff. I've seen Julie once since she moved out to Colorado in October, and just met Jeff when I was out there in February. Derek has yet to meet Jeff, so we are really looking forward to getting to see them on Sunday.

6. I spied this down the street:

You know what that means - spring is about here!

I feel like there's more but that's all I got for now. Hope that it stays warm and sunny here and that everyone gets out and enjoys the sunshine!

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