Monday, July 26, 2010

That's Right, I stepped up! If I had to, I'd pee on anyone of you!

Greetings from Hilton Head! We are having a fabulous time here on vacation, however, if you couldn't tell from the title of this post, I got stung by a jellyfish in the ocean today. Which of course made me think of the Friends epsiode where Monica got stung by the jelly fish and Chandler peed on it. The sting definitely hurt, but luckily there is a shuttle that we were able to take the half mile back to the house so I didn't have to walk the whole way or get Derek to pee on it. We got some vinegar from the grocery store and that helped ease the stinging and now it pretty much feels back to normal, just a couple of red welts above my ankles where I got stung. I triedt to take a picture but you can't see it very well.

Aside from the jellyfish sting the trip is lovely. We are staying in a beautiful house and enoying the hot weather, the beach and the pool. We are here with Derek's parents, his oldest brother and his wife and our two nephews. It has been fun getting to spend time playing with them since we live an hour and a half away from them and don't get to see them all the time. Here's Oliver sleeping on the beach:

Isn't he precious! He has been such a good baby. So happy, and we have been having a blast with him and Henry and the rest of the family. Hope everyone has a great week - I know we definitely will!


carissa @ lowercase letters said...

ouch!!! what a bummer! i hope you don't even feel it by tomorrow! oliver looks too cute. he's certainly having a wonderful time.

Kristin said...

Sounds like you're having a great trip (sans jellyfish). Glad you're ok, and that it wasn't a more serious sting! Looking forward to pics :-)