Monday, August 9, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Happy Monday everyone! Today I'm joing up with Carissa over at lowercase letters! Here are my random thoughts for you today:

{one} Children love my dog. Last week I took him on a couple walks and pretty much every child that was outside got really excited when we walked by either saying to whoever was with them, "Look at that pretty dog!" or "Look at that big black dog!" or yelling to me as I walked by, "I like your dog!"  Back in the spring I took Moose to the Arboretum (non-dog park) and as I was reading on a blanket these three little kids just came up to me, a complete stranger, said, "I like your dog" and started petting him and playing with him. He loved them, they loved him, and even though he is 80 pounds of large black dog, these three little ones were not at all scared. They just pet him and let him lick their faces. Kids are so funny :)

{two} Just last week I finally got the punniness of laffy taffy. I thought it was just called laffy taffy because it was a cute name. I knew there were jokes on the wrapper, but the fact that that was the reason its called laffy taffy, totally eluded me up until now.  I finally get it.

{three}I still need to finish posting pictures of our Hilton Head trip. Hopefully tonight. Hopefully.

{four} Does anyone ever wake up and not still feel tired? Last night I went to bed at 9:30. A good hour and a half to 2 hours earlier than usual. And this morning, I still felt exhuasted when I woke up. Maybe it's because I have not gotten enough sleep the 4 or 5 nights prior and one good nights sleep is not enough to make up for that? Or will I always feel tired when the alarm goes of at 6:15 regardless of whether I am well rested or not?

{five} Remember this picture I posted last week?

Well, if you look at the windows, you will see that I have a problem. There are no window treatments. And with such a funky corner window set up, I have no idea as to how to go about covering them. Anyone have any ideas?

{six} God is really really good, all the time.


DORCAS said...

I am with you on still feeling tired waking up. As for your dog, he's so cute!!

Have you thought on some Roman shades? or some solid panels?

Hopefully you will find something for it. Thanks for sharing your randomness



Barbie said...

Ah, your doggie is so cute. No wonder kids love him!

Thanks for cluing me in on the laffy taffy. My kids eat it now and then and I had no clue.

I always wake up tired. But then again, I don't go to bed until well after midnight.

Happy Monday!

carlotta said...

ditto number one. and number four. and number six.

we get so many compliments on our dog as well...he's a black lab. every time we take him out, there are so many children clamoring to pet him!

Kate said...

I cannot wait to see the pictures. I heard it is really pretty there.

I am always tired when I wake up. No idea why! I even have been drinking some herbal tea to calm me down before going to sleep, but it is not helping. I wish I had someone who would bring me coffee to my bed in the morning ;) because once I had my first cup, I feel like I will be ok - sleeping wise - during the day.


Callie Nicole said...

Aw, your dog is cute! That's so funny you didn't connect that with the Laffy Taffy - now I want to go get some, just because you reminded me of it!