Thursday, August 12, 2010

Seafood Dinner

One night while we are on vacation we decided to buy some fresh seafood to make a delicious crab and shrimp seafood dinner. Derek, Rob, Corrie and Bob (brother-, sister-, father-in-law, in case you aren't familiar with the Warnick clan) went to Barnacle Bill's (seriously) to buy some fresh seafood. They came back with several pounds of crab and shrimp, as well as some delicious spices to cook them in. We boiled the seafood, and sat down to the feast you see below:

This looks like the kind of meal my mom would make my dad put a menu around when he eats because it would gross her out.

Small problem though - we had no utensils to use to crack the crab legs. Depending on who you talk to, this was either Derek or Rob's fault, however it was never settled, and honestly, even if we knew, it wouldn't have helped. So there we were, trying our hardest to break them open. Imagining the delicious crab meat inside just waiting to be eaten. But it eluded us, because we could not crack the crab legs.

Now, if you know my husband, you know that there is not much more frustrating to him than not being able to eat his food. (I can't give him food that is really hot because he will burn his mouth. He can't stand just looking at food.)  Derek was not going to give up and let the crab legs win. They were on his plate and he was determined to eat them. So he went hunting around the kitchen and found himself a cutting board. He moved his plate to the side, and proceeded to grab a crab leg, and with his hand smash it on the cutting board.

Shell flew everywhere and the table shook, but Derek was victorious. So he ate the crab meat, grabbed another and did it again.

And it worked! It looked something like this:

So naturally we all sent our crab legs his way, and he smashed them all to pieces. And we ate and it was good. By the end his hand was nearly bleeding....

And we had eaten a significant amount of seafood.

It was definitely one of the more entertaining dinners of the week. And Henry played with the little crab pinchers after we got the meat out of them.

The End.


Kate said...

I love crab meat. I understand your frustration not being able to get to it ;) I think we once took everything into the kitchen and used a hammer to crack it open.

Oh, now you made me hungry hahaha! I am glad you got to enjoy this wonderful dinner.


Callie Nicole said...

Ha! That's funny! Sounds like something my Derek would do.

AmyK said...

What kind of crab was that? A lot of people just use mallets to bust 'em open, depending on what kind of crab it is. We usually stick to dungeness crab 'cause you can crack 'em with your teeth. That and because dungeness is most common around here ;)

Why didn't he just use the cutting board to smash it? Might've saved his hand a little bit of pain!