Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Monday!

This weekend we were able to stay home and relax and it was so nice. The last few weekends we've been gone,  and when you work full time during the week and then are gone on the weekends it makes life seem a bit out of control and hard to manage. So this weekend was just what we needed.

My friend Sarah came in town from Chicago which was such a treat. We pretty much just hung out with friends and watched basketball all weekend.  And our basketball team made it to the final four!!!! It's always so much more fun when your team wins.

The last time UK made it to the final four was in 1998, when I was a freshman in high school up in Ohio, and the University of Kentucky was not at all on my radar.When I came to college here I knew they had a good basketball team and there were some good seasons, but as far as the NCAA tournament goes, we've had a bit of a dry spell. So this was my first time getting to experience the excitement and ensuing madness of UK making it this far in the tournament. I had so much fun watching the UK games with our LCA friends and cheering our hearts out. Although I was disappointed that one of UK's wins had to come at Ohio State's expense. There is no reason that UK should have been a 4 seed, let alone in Ohio State's bracket. Being the overall #1 seed of the tournament, Ohio State should have had the easiest route and to have to play Kentucky (even on a year that wasn't their best) in the sweet 16 shouldn't have happened. But I'm still pretty psyched about UK's awesomeness in the tournament.

So, in summary, lots of chill time and time spent with friends, plus some March madness that goes in your team's favor equals a wonderful, fun relaxing weekend. Now I have a busy busy week at work followed by another hopefully chill weekend and then early next week I'm headed out west to see my little sister (who I have not seen in so long I'm not sure I'll recognize her), spend some quality time with my parents and get some skiing in! On my way there I'm also going to meet up with one of my favorite blog friends, Callie! So lots to look forward to, but lots to do before I get there. Happy Monday!

P.S. Even though it's officially spring, I'm leaving up my snowy mountain blog header because that is where I'm headed next week, so I'm waiting to change it til I get back. That and I haven't had time, but I like the first reason better!


Jenny said...

I was so excited UK won! Both my parents went there and are flying to Houston now for the Final Four, I'm so jealous.

Callie Nicole said...

I'm glad you had a good weekend - and I'm so looking forward to meeting you! Which reminds me, I need to write you to figure out the details. , . *smile*!