Tuesday, March 8, 2011


It's been a while since I've done a post on what's going on in life. That's probably because there is a lot going on and I have not really had time to update the blog. And I want to add pictures, which takes time. So here is the rundown.

A couple weeks ago we found out that Derek's mom likely has cancer again. Which was really hard, but God is already using it for His glory. He is good like that. Derek's family was supposed to come down to Lexington this past weekend to celebrate his birthday, but with this new diagnosis, a couple of his aunts, and an uncle and cousin from PA came to northern KY to visit his mom, so we went up there this past weekend and hung out with them and celebrated Derek's birthday. I didn't take many pictures, but I got a few of our nephew Oliver while Derek and I were playing with him. It was good to see family and I got to spend some time talking with Derek's mom about things.

Speaking of Derek's birthday, it was last Wednesday and we both had to work and he had Bible study with some LCA guys, so we went out to eat at Old Chicago Pizza and came home and he opened the gifts I got him. I also picked up some delicious deserts at a bakery right by my work. It's called Mondelli's Bakery and I got a bon bon, a petit four and a cupcake and all 3 were amazing! I didn't bake a cake because I knew we would be having cookie cake this weekend and we really didn't need an entire cake for just the 2 of us. These little treats were perfect and my mouth is watering just thinking about them.

On the young life front, we added 2 new people to our little family that does ministry at LCA. Ethan and Megan joined our team, making us a team of 6 who are able to go be part of the lives of high school students and share the hope of the Gospel with them. I love getting new leaders because it's like getting instant new friends. You grow so close to people you do ministry with  and I am so excited that God has brought these two into our lives.

Also, my little Bible study of LCA girls is going strong. God is so faithful and is really showing up in our time and is working in each of our lives. I am experiencing so much joy in this ministry and would live this past month or so over and over if I could.

I think that hits most of the high lights. It's a busy week for both Derek and I at our jobs this week and then we are heading up to Columbus this weekend to visit my parents. Can't wait! Hope everyone is having a great week!


Callie Nicole said...

That's a fun idea to pick up the little desserts at that bakery! I'm so glad that you are enjoying your ministry so much - I know the Lord is using you both! :-) Thanks for the update!

chloƫ. said...

Fun birthday! Nice to read a little update on your life :)