Sunday, July 31, 2011

California Vaca Part 3: Disneyland, and Hollywood

Finally getting around to continuing the vacation recap. Hopefully I'll actually finish it this week.  Days 5 and 6 of vacation were jam packed with lots of fun memories, so here we go!

Wednesday we went to Disneyland. We rode Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, the new Star Wars ride, and other fun little rides. The Matterhorn Bobsleds were closed, which I was pretty bummed about, but other than that we hit all the highlights, walked through Sleeping Beauty's castle, met Mickey, saw the fireworks and a laser light show. We really enjoyed our day at Disneyland, but didn't take too many photos. Here are a few that we did manage to get though.

We stayed at Disneyland way later than I thought we would, so we slept in the next day, which wound up working out well, because Thursday night we had tickets to go see Harry Potter 7 Part 2 at 12:05, so we needed to be able to stay up late.

Thursday we bought tickets to take a tour of Warner Brothers studios, and stopped at UCLA on our way there to check out the campus. No pictures of UCLA, but we got some fun pics at Warner Brothers Studios, which was a really neat tour. We learned a lot about how they make movies and film tv shows, and as we were going through the property the tour guide would tell us what the different buildings were used for and shows and movies that were filmed in the different studios. I would definitely recommend the tour.

The house from Growing Pains

Friends Stage!

The Mystery Machine

Bat Mobile

At Central Perk!!!!!

 A street they use to film scenes in a city

We also got to see one of the sound stages all set up to start filming the TV show "Chuck" but weren't allowed to take pictures. They also had a museum full of costumes and props from movies, with a whole floor devoted to Harry Potter. The tour was definitely a highlight. 

After Warner Brothers we headed down to Hollywood where we had dinner and hung out until it was Harry Potter time. We got tickets to see Harry Potter at the Chinese Theater, which is right in the heart of Hollywood, so we basically just spent the whole evening hanging out in Hollywood.


Hand and foot prints in front of the Chinese Theater

Harry Potter at the Chinese Theater!

Hollywood Boulevard

Getting ready to see Harry Potter. There were lots of people dressed up and everyone was super excited. We waited for a couple hours outside of the theater and even made some friends while we were waiting. It was a late night, but a fun one.

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jenna said...

Anne, this is awesome!! I love that you are sitting in central perk!! :) so fun.