Monday, July 18, 2011

I Want to Go Back!

We made it back from our California vaca and wow was it a fun-filled, jam-packed week! When I stepped out of the Cincinnati airport at 7 am on Sunday it was hotter and more humid than it ever got in socal while we were there. The weather was so amazing, and I'm pretty much ready to move out there.

I realize I left off my last post promising a picture slideshow from YL camp, but I don't think that ever made it on to youtube. So I will have to do a picture post from camp at some point. But first I will be filling in the details of our vacation, probably over 4 posts because we did so much and have so many great pictures.

But, you'll have to wait til I actually have time to blog. Which, based on my blogging record over the past month or two  means that to fully recap could take several weeks. We are just in the middle of  a whole lot right now. Which means I should have plenty of blogging material, just need to find the time to blog. So this is just a little place holder letting you know I haven't abandoned the blog and will hopefully be back soon with tales of our little adventure and lots of pictures.

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Callie Nicole said...

I can't wait to hear about your trip!