Tuesday, October 11, 2011


There is nothing quite like a sister. And I have one of the most awesome sisters there is. Unfortunately, she lives far away. Which means we don't get to see each other very often. But, when we do, it's wonderful. And this weekend was one of those times.

My sister came home to Columbus this weekend...and it was awesome. She drove all the way from Colorado with her boyfriend Jeff, and their dog, Petunia, on Thursday and Friday. They stopped in Kentucky to have dinner with Derek and I, and then I joined them on the trip up to Columbus Friday night, and Derek came up on Saturday. Everything about the weekend was wonderful, except that we had to leave Sunday night and come back to Kentucky, while Julie and Jeff are still only a mere 3 hours away in Columbus. I was sad the whole way back Sunday night, and am still am.

But let's get back to happier thoughts, like this weekend. I had 3+ uninterrupted hours with Julie on the ride up to Columbus Friday night. Jeff was awesome and chilled with Petunia in the back while Julie and I talked non-stop the whole ride. That's the wonderful thing about sisters, you never run out of things to talk about. I don't even know what all we covered, but I do know that the trip flew by, and we weren't out of things to talk about by the time we got home.

We stayed up late visiting with my parents, and then when everyone was in bed, the 2 of us stayed up late, laughing hysterically reading my middle school journal entries. We could talk and laugh forever and I miss that so much not getting to see her very often.

We didn't do a whole lot the rest of the weekend. We hung out, played with her dog, went apple picking, had a lot of the extended family over to watch Ohio State play. Derek made it in town and was a champ for driving  3 hours by himself even though he would only spend about 24 there. It was so so good just to be together. My whole family. Derek, parents, sister, her boyfriend.

I haven't got to spend a whole lot of time with Jeff, so him staying at my parents house this weekend was great because I feel like I got to know him better. And it turns out I really like him a lot. I hope one day he becomes my brother. Not to put pressure on my sister or anything. I really try not to do that to people because I don't like it when people are always trying to rush me to the next thing. I just mean that one day, if this is who she decides she wants to end up with, I would love it. Because it turns out that I find myself not only missing Julie, but Jeff too. I hate that they are only 3 hours away and I can't just take the whole week off and hang out with them.

Here are the 4 of us back in April when we went out to see them:

And here is their awesome dog Petunia. It doesn't accurately portray how large she is. She makes Moose look little. And Moose loves her. I bet he wishes he got to see them more often too!

This weekend was so much fun, and I'll probably be a little sad all week. I'm really really hoping they'll be back for Thanksgiving. And that we'll be able to make it out there soon too!

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Callie Nicole said...

Ah, so glad your sister could come out! Sisters are the best! :-)