Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Vaca

We went to South Carolina with Derek's family about a month ago. We left on Memorial Day and stayed on Isle of Palms in a sweet little beach house for the week. The whole family was able to make it. We totaled 11 people with all the kids included. It was great getting to spend time with all the kiddos who we don't get to see nearly enough and are growing up before our eyes.

Some highlights from vacation:
  • The very short walk from our house to the beach
  • Walks on the beach
  • Laying by the pool
  • Playing in the pool
  • Playing with nephews

  • Visiting Charleston

  • Eating seafood
  • Reading on the porch

  • Celebrating Oliver's 2nd birthday

  • Creating a pirate ship sand sculpture (I was more of an observer for that one)
  • Time with family

  • Watching movies or NBA playoffs at night
  • Swimming in the ocean
And the not-so-highlight of the week: Waking up before 6 am to watch the sunrise, only to have the plan thwarted by clouds and getting attacked by mosquitoes instead.

Oh well. It was a great trip and I'm so thankful that we were all able to go and spend a week together at the beach, and for Derek's amazing parents for renting the house.


Jessica said...

Looks like a fun time spent with family! Charleston is one of my favorite places...such a beautiful city!

Randi Campbell said...

Oh how fun! I think you should plan a vaca to Colorado soon... I mean, can you take too many vacations? :)