Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Fun: Reds Baseball

Now that I am finally getting around to actually documenting our summer, I think I'll just do a little summer fun series. This summer has been a very different one for us, since our vacation was really early on, and we don't have young life camp for the first time in our marriage, we essentially have had all of June and will have all of July and August to just enjoy summer. No major trips, nothing big to prepare for, it's kind of nice. Don't get me wrong, I definitely miss camp and all of the amazingness that goes with it, but it's nice to just chill for once. And God has been good and provided us with lots of fun people and things to fill our time with. So that is what my Summer Fun posts will be about, good times with good friends this summer.

I'll kick this off with a trip we took up to Cincinnati to see the Reds play. Since I am way backed up on blog posts, this happened the week we got back from vacation. Hunter and Kaelyn, two of our LCA kids who graduated last year are back from college, and Hunter's dad has really good seats to the Reds through his company. So the four of us went up to Cincinnati one afternoon to see the Reds play the Pirates.

I think going to a baseball game is one of those things that should be done each summer. And it was great to have awesome seats too! We stopped and got some Skyline on the way up, and then got stuck in some crazy traffic and had to navigate our way using an iphone and alternate routes. But, we made it by the 3rd inning, before the Reds scored all their runs in the 4th inning. The Pirates came back and made a game of it, but the Reds held on and we got to see Chapman get a save in the 9th by striking out the last batter with a fastball over 100 mph. And I ate dip'n dots. 

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dip'n dots are the #1 best!