Monday, March 18, 2013

NYC Trip - Day 2

After a successful first day in New York, we slept in a little Friday morning. One of my favorite things about vacation - sleeping in! Derek was disciplined and made use of the hotel work out facilities while I slept a little later.

We decided to start the morning by heading to Hoboken to go to Carlo's Bakery to get some delicious pastries for breakfast / mid-morning snack.

The place was packed, although we were able to at least get in the door, I've heard of people having to wait outside. We wondered if the bakery was really that good or if it was mostly hype because of the TV show. It was difficult to not come away with a small fortune worth of baked goods, but as you can see in the above photo, Derek talked to the guy working the door and got his recommendations, and we came out with a white mousse, a lobster tail, 2 cannolis and some chocolate chip cookies. Madeline, Buddy's sister, was working there, waiting on customers, and was really sweet.

Everything was amazing, and we decided that it was definitely worth the trip into Hoboken, and we will definitely be going back next time we're in NYC. Hoboken was also fun to walk around. It was a cute little city and felt completely different from NYC (in a good way).

After our incredibly healthy breakfast of pastries for Carlo's, and a little bit of walking around Hoboken, we took the ferry back to Manhattan. The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island were closed for repairs because of hurricane Sandy, and we didn't want to pay for the tour if we weren't going to get to actually go visit the places themselves, so we figured that a ferry trip from Hoboken around the southern tip of Manhattan to Pier 11 would give us a view of both monuments, and we could go back and actually do the tours when they were both open.

The weather, clearly, was not amazing that day, but we saw the statue of Liberty, as well as Ellis Island, so for $14 instead of $50, I'd say the ferry was worth it. We got off the ferry at Pier 11, where we were able to see the Brooklyn bridge.

After we got off the ferry we walked down Wall Street to the World Trade Center Memorial.

We continued walking to the World Trade Center Memorial. Being there and seeing the footprints of the two towers was a very somber experience. I don't really have the words to describe it, so I'll just share pictures. 

After visiting the World Trade Center memorial we headed back to the hotel to relax a little and get cleaned up for dinner and our evening at the theater. We didn't really know what the dress code was for musicals, so we may have gotten a little too dressed up, but it was really fun and we didn't care. 

We had tickets Friday night to the Phantom of the Opera! I have loved the Phantom of the Opera probably since middle school. I've never seen the play, or even the movie, but I own the soundtrack and know all the words to the songs, so this was probably the thing I was most excited about during this trip. 

The show was amazing. I loved all of it, and Derek and I sang our entire conversation home to the various melodies of Phantom of the Opera. It was glorious. Yay for Day 2!!!

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