Tuesday, March 26, 2013

NYC Trip Day 3

Saturday morning started out pretty rainy. I headed out in the rain to the TKTS ticket booth to see if I could get us some discounted tickets to a matinee Broadway show while Derek worked out at the hotel. It was a very wet trip, but I was successful and scored us some tickets to see Mama Mia. I got back to the hotel and Derek and I spent a lazy morning just hanging out while it rained outside.

For lunch we hopped on the subway down to the West Village and got delicious bagels at the Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee shop, that came highly recommended to us by our friend Kari, and it did not disappoint.

After lunch we went to Mama Mia, which was fantastic.

We followed up the show with a little dinner at Carnegie deli. We shared a pastrami sandwich, onion rings and a cheesecake. The cheesecake was amaaaahzing, best cheesecake I ever had. Derek loved our meal so much that he took pictures of all of it.

Saturday night UK played Missouri, so we went to Jack Dempsey's to watch the game. The place was packed with UK fans. It felt like home away from home being surrounded by people wearing blue. We met a lot of great people, some from Kentucky and others with other connections to the Wildcats. Derek made friends with the owner who hooked us up with free t-shirts and drinks. The cats won in overtime and the place went crazy. We stayed late talking with our new friends, and since it wasn't too cold out we walked the 30 or so minutes back to the hotel and set our alarms for church in the morning.

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Callie Nicole said...

SOunds like it was a cool trip - I'm jealous you got to see a show on Broadway - how fun! It's on my bucket list. :-)