Sunday, November 15, 2009


Anyone need some pinecones? There are loads of great crafty and decorating things you can do with pinecones and it turns out my backyard is full of them. Target sells them for $5.00, but if any of you friends who live in Lexington would like some pinecones to decorate or craft with I would love to give you some out of my backyard for FREE. And if you have any good pinecone craft or decorating ideas please let me know because I would like to do something with all of these pinecones I have collected.

P.S. My pinecones are not short and fat like these, they are more long and skinny.


Jen said...

what is funny is that i just raided a stranger's front yard this morning for pinecones! If only I had known I would have taken yours! Great pinecone minds think alike!


Rachel said...

I might have to come over and get some. I don't think our yard has any!