Monday, November 30, 2009

A Few Highlights

So as I mentioned, Derek and I spent Thanksgiving weekend at my parents' house in Columbus, Ohio. It was a great weekend and it was so wonderful to have a few days to spend with my parents, the only down side was that this was the first holiday that my sister wasn't home. She is working at a ski reosrt in Colorado so she doesn't really get holidays off. But here are a few highlights from our weekend:

1. We woke up real early on Friday morning and braved the crowds to go out and find us a deal on a new tv. Our old tv we got when we got married and it has a weak picture tube - so now it flashes on white and bright colored screens and is the most annoying thing EVER. It has had this problem for over a year now, but we have patiently been waiting for Black Friday to come so we could get a deal on a tv. We ended up with a 42" 1080p LCD tv, and it is awesome. I don't watch much tv but the new tv is pretty awesome.

2. We went to go see the Blind Side. My friend Becca said that everyone should be required to see it and she was right. It may be my new favorite movie. I cried through most of it and it is definitely a movie that just makes you want to adopt a teenager who doesn't have a home. It also makes me appreciate the ministry of young life and the fact that young life leaders are in schools loving on students who have stories similar to that of Michael Oher (ok - maybe not at LCA, but at other schools for sure).

3. We went to see the Cavs play the Dallas Mavericks. Derek and I are big Cavs fans (actually we are big Lebron fans, we have matching jerseys that we got the first time we went to see them play) and we got to see Lebron and Shaq and Verejao whoop up on the Mavericks. My parents came with us (they actually bought us the tickets - they are wonderful) and it was such a fun time. There was also this unbelievable circus act at halftime that I can't even describe but I think my mom liked that more than the actual game. It was so fun.

All in all a delightful weekend. I can't wait to go back up for Christmas in a month. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend as well.

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