Monday, January 25, 2010


My precious nephew Henry has just completed his second full year of life! Crazy because I feel like it wasn't all that long ago we were at the hospital anxiously waiting to lay eyes on him for the first time. And now he is 2 and running around and lots of fun to hang out with. I still think its so cool that he knows who I am, especially because we don't get to see him that often since his family lives up in northern kentucky and we live in lexington. But I love when we get to go hang out with him, and this past sunday we were able to celebrate his birthday with cake and presents and I took a few photos (before my camera ran out of batteries) to document the occasion:

Oh my goodness he is so precious! We got him a little UK basketball jersey but my camera ran out of batteries so I wasn't able to take a picture of him in it, but it was real cute. And, the fun thing was that Kevin and Kayla (brother and sister in law) got him a pair of converse high tops, so it all went together. And we didn't even plan it, just coincidence. And, Henry is going to have a baby brother arriving in May, so lots more fun to look forward to!

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Julie said...

Anne! I just discovered your blog. Adding it to my list of Lexington friends that I want to keep in touch with. :) Mostly I just know what's gong on in your life, but I don't have time to blog my own stuff. Will you be at the Leader Weekend next weekend???