Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Little Organization

Last spring I made a list of areas in my house that needed organizing. When we first moved into our house we had more space than we knew what to do with. So we just put stuff in closets and drawers and didn't really worry about whether or not we needed it, or if we were really utilizing the space well. I realized last spring that while I know where most things in our house are, getting to them is sometimes tricky because they are buried in a closet or hidden in a messy unorganized drawer. The problem with making lists of things to do in your house in the spring is that the weather gets nice. And since I spend 9+ hours inside an office Monday through Friday, I am not one to stay indoors on the weekend if the weather is nice. Needless to say I didn't make much progress on my list.

I attempted to return to it in the fall and that didn't so much happen, so I put the list on my list of new years resolutions in the hopes that I would tackle the list. I took a few before photos of some of the areas of my house that need organized. As I check them off the list, I will show you the after photos. That way I have a little bit of accountability to actually get this stuff done. Also, I am hoping that by posting the photos, if you all have any ideas about how to make my organizing cute and creative, I would love to hear them. One of the things on my list is organizing a whole room, so that could be fun to come up with ideas for. Ok, so here's the list:
1. Organize the drawers of the coffee and end tables in our family room. Here are a few photos:
2. Organize the junk drawer, counter above it and cabinet above that in the kitchen. Heres the drawer and cabinet:
3. Organize the coat closet.
4. Organize the guest bedroom closets. I don't have a good picture of these, but I have one of them done, and need to finish the second closet.

5. Organize the linen closet.

6. Organize the office closet (basically the majority of closets in our house need organizing).
7. Organize my nightstand and fix the bottom of it. For some reason I didn't take a picture of this and now I have begun to do this, so the bad news is no before picture, but the good news is this is on its way to being checked off the list.

8. Organize our office. (These pictures are embarrassing.)
9. Put together a binder of all of my young life club and campaigner talks, papers from leadership, Bible study, etc. This is another that doesn't have pictures, but I got a good start on it. Another one I should be able to check off soon.

So that's the list. As I get done the items that I took before pictures for, I will take some after pictures and show you. And since I had last Thursday off, I am already ahead of the game by having a few of the items on my list on their way to being checked off. Hopefully I can get all of these done before the weather gets nice again!

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Jen said...

i'm thankful that you shared these pictures w/ blogland. my drawers & closets look JUST the same & I love when people are real about what their life is like (even if maybe in our case a LIL disorganized).