Friday, May 14, 2010

Around Here

It was another busy week. It seems like the past month has just flown by. I've been all over the place, and my car is racking up the miles. Today is my day off though, and I feel like it is much needed. The only problem is trying to figure out what to do with the free time, because I feel like I could easily fill a week with stuff that needs to get done. So  I decided to start with the highest priority - the blog! Just thought I would share a few photos of what's going on around here:

Since its our anniversary week, we decided to break out the fancy china that we got as wedding gifts for dinner on Tuesday:

The comical part is that we were having breakfast for dinner that night. So we got the fancy china out and ate scrambled eggs, pancakes and sausage on it. Oh well. Here is our fancy dinner:

We even drank our milk out of the teacups. I really like our china but we never have an occasion to use it. We need to work on that.

Also, I was so excited this week because my peonies are blooming this week!

These are my favorite! I've already cut a few and put them in vases around the house. They are so pretty. Also, the azaleas are blooming, and I've almost got my first strawberries :)

I can't wait to eat strawberries out of the garden! That's about all that is ready in the garden though. Unfortunately it looks like I'm going to lose another blueberry plant. I don't know why they are struggling so much. I still have one bush that is going strong. 

I think that's all I got for right now. Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!


Jen said...

derek with that tea cup is my fave! hilarious and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Adventures of a CrAzY LaDy! said...

Happy anniversary! :) I'm glad you have a day off AND that your peonies are blooming - fabulous!

Chloƫ said...

aww how cute! using fancy things for everyday use is sometimes so fun. we purposefully didn't register for china knowing we'd never use it, but sometimes i like to have our orange juice in wine glasses for breakfasts just to feel fancy :)

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i hope you had a great weekend!!! i love the breakfast on china... so presh! the flowers are gorgeous!

shannonsadventures said...

I'm inspired! We are close to the two-year mark, and we've never used our fancy china. Perhaps this year for our anniversary . . .

Derek looks great with the teacups, by the way!