Thursday, November 4, 2010

What I did while not at a soccer game

Good news - LCA won their soccer game last night, so I will get to go see them play for the state championship on Saturday!  In my last post I mentioned that I opted to stay home and relax in an effort to not be out every night this week and spend some quality time with my pup and myself.

So, what did I spend my free evening doing?

1. Took Moose for a nice long walk (in the rain).

2. Talked to the Mormons who came to my door.

3. Did some dishes and cleaned up the kitchen.

4. Transferred ALL of my pictures from our old computer to our new computer.

5. Learned how to make a header for the blog and made this new header!

I am super excited about numbers 4 and 5.  We got our new computer about a month ago (ish - not really sure, I just know it was in the middle of my studying) and I have not done anything with it. I really wanted to move all of our pictures over because our old computer wasn't backed up. I guess it was too old because when I tried to plug in my external hard drive it crashed the computer. So now all the pictures are on the new computer and backed up. Music is the only other big thing that needs to be transferred, but at least all of our pictures are safe!

I also have been wanting to update the layout of my blog. I still would like to make some changes and add some things to it. But this is a good start. And all day today I have felt happy because of it.  It's the little things really. It's funny how a free evening can be so refreshing. I definitely needed it, and I still get to go support the girls that play soccer on Saturday!


Chloë said...

love the new look! :]

Nina said...

Love the new look!! I'm thinking of doing something similar to mine too!!