Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday, folks! Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!

We spent our mostly out of town visiting family. It was my parents year for Easter so we made the trek up to Columbus Saturday morning. Visiting my parents was great and relatively uneventful - which was nice. We went to church on Easter, visited my grandma who is in a nursing home for the next few weeks since she broke her hip, and had the family over for Easter dinner on Sunday night. Derek had Monday off since he works for a church so I switched my Friday off to a Monday and we were able to stay in Columbus Sunday night. Monday morning we went out to breakfast and then headed down to Northern Kentucky to stop by Derek's parents house, since the last time we saw Derek's mom she was in the hospital.

Linda is recovering well from her surgery and has already had 2 rounds of chemo. Today will hopefully be her third. She will receive treatments every Tuesday, so if you would like to lift her up in prayer today and for the next 13 Tuesdays after today I know she would love it. We are praying that the chemo totally destroys all the cancerous cells in her body and that the side effects would be minimal. Linda was feeling good yesterday, which was great to see, and it was good to catch up and be able to hang out at their house like normal. Two of our nephews were there as well, so we had a fun little afternoon. And of course, I took no pictures all weekend, fail!

We finally arrived home around 7:30 on Sunday night, only to find our garage door broken. It would raise up about 6 inches and that was it. As I walked in through the front door, I saw the memo board I made that was hanging in the hall broken and fallen on the floor. My first thought was that our house had been robbed while we were gone. I don't know why I thought that, but luckily as I continued into the house it was clear that the memo board was the only thing that was broken and nothing was missing. Upon further investigation, it appears that one of the garage door springs broke. So my guess is that as we left the house and shut the garage door, it fell down instead of closing gently, which caused the memo board to fall. I'm just surprised we didn't notice it, but we were in a hurry to leave and I don't remember watching it shut.

Of course I had my Bible study girls coming over that evening to make friendship bracelets - something they've been wanting to do all semester, so I am so thankful that Derek called the number on the door and they walked him through everything that could be wrong and figured out it was the spring. Hopefully we can get someone out to the house to fix it today, which I'm sure will cost several hundred dollars. We looked online and the parts alone are over $100 plus the cost of labor and we should be out at least $200. Has anyone else noticed how expensive life is? It seems like there is always something that you weren't planing on spending your money on that needs attention. So far this year we've had unexpected dental expenses, taking all of our pets for their yearly vet appointments which ends up costing way more than you thought it would, we had had to get a new roof, which I'm really glad we got when we did because we have had crazy storms here for the past few weeks and I'm pretty sure we would be having some serious leaking issues if we didn't get a new roof, but that was still thousands of dollars, and then we've had some medical bills and some car maintenance and when you add it all up you realize you could have gone on a really really nice vacation if life hadn't happened. Oh well! I'm very thankful that we have the means to deal with these unexpected expenses as they come up, but I wish I could be using that money for other things!

And if you made to the end of this long rambling post - I'm impressed! Hope you enjoyed your Easter and have a wonderful week living in the reality that Christ defeated sin and death, and we are free! He is risen!

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Callie Nicole said...

I'm glad you had a good Easter! I'm still praying for Linda. And yes, it stinks having to spend money un such un-fun stuff. Sometimes being a grown-up just isn't very exciting.