Thursday, June 30, 2011

Back from Camp

We made it back form Young Life Camp. At 7 am on Sunday after driving through the night. I'm still recovering. But it was so so good. I haven't had time to write a good post about camp, and honestly I'm not sure if I will. Young Life camp is one of those things that is so awesome to experience and impossible to really do justice to when talking about it afterwards. There are so many hilarious things that happen that aren't that hilarious if you weren't there. Our roommate/teammate Keith made a video slideshow for us, which I will post as soon as he puts it up on You Tube. But until then I will share a few highlights of the week.

1. Having awesome conversations with girls and getting to explain why Jesus had to die for us and what the significance of that is.

2. Staying up late, laughing, and acting like a complete dork.

3. Getting to be in the opera, one of my favorite parts of camp.

4. Hilarious skit characters that say things like "What my name is!"

5. Seeing students fully commit their lives to Christ.

6. Praying with seniors who were our junior leaders, and hearing them pray for their siblings who were on the trip.

7. Seeing walls and barriers come down and kids having a blast acting like kids.

8. Our cabin winning the obstacle course.

9. Getting to be part of a flash mob at lunch one day.

10. Tubing, zip lining, rope swinging.

11. Rain all week - NOT! this was kind of a bummer but we had fun anyways

12. Square dancing, karaoke-ing, dancing, and dressing up like a lumberjack.

13. Watching my husband ball out on the basketball court with 2 of the guys in his Bible study and win the 3v3 basketball tournament and beat the program team.

14. This is a bit of a story, but it makes me smile still thinking about it so I'll share. The last night of club, right before we had to get on a bus for 9 hours, I was part of a game. It was a guys against girls game, with about 6 campers on each team, and I was the team captain for the girls team. Whichever team lost the round, the team captain had to dance or dare. Unfortunately the girls weren't listening to me, and the boys were beating us pretty good. Meaning, I had to dance or dare. The first 2 times I chose to dance because I love to dance and had been dancing all week and knew the girls would love to see me up on stage showing off all my moves. When we lost for a third time though, I knew I couldn't take the easy way out and should go for the dare, which was a pie in the face. (In Young Life, a pie in the face basically means a plate full of whipped cream in your face.)  So I opted for the pie in the face, knowing that I would have to live with hair that smelled like sour milk for the 9 hour bus ride home. As they are preparing my pie for me, Derek stands up in the audience and comes forward to the stage, and says, "I can't let her do this." He proceeds to stand on the stage and take the pie in the face for me. When the game was over I asked him if that was planned and he said, "No, I just couldn't let you take a pie in the face before the bus ride home. It would have been in your hair all night long." And that's why I love him. He also provided a great illustration to all the students who had just heard about Jesus dieing in our place and taking a punishment on himself that should have been ours.

It was a great way to end an amazing week. This list doesn't even begin to describe how awesome the week was, but that's ok. I'll hopefully be back soon with a little video slideshow :)


Kristin said...

Sounds like such a wonderful time! Glad you're home safe and sound. Were you up at Rockbridge Alum Springs perchance? Hope your holiday weekend is a good one!

Julie said...

Dee...what a freaking hero!!!! That is an awesome awesome story! I love that so much...He's a great guy.