Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's a Wonderful Life

I've been a little absent from the blog lately. Trying to get back in the swing of things after the Thanksgiving holiday, which has been kind of tough. We went to my parents house in Columbus for Thanksgiving, which almost didn't happen.

Derek woke up Thursday feeling like he had the flu. So we decided he needed to go to the doctor, because if he did have the flu, we wouldn't travel to see my family. Of course there are no doctors offices open on Thursday, so we had to go to the emergency room. They tested him for the flu and strep throat, and both came back negative. The doctor said it was probably just a virus and we could travel to be with family.

We got to Columbus just in time for Thanksgiving dinner, which was delicious. On Friday Derek woke up with a few spots on his hands. Turns out that virus he had was hand foot and mouth disease. Awesome. So he was pretty miserable the rest of the weekend. Luckily there were lots of football games to watch, and not a whole lot we had to do.

We came back to Lexington on Sunday. A bunch of our friends were getting together to have a friends Thanksgiving dinner. We like our friends enough to not want to transmit diseases to them, so we stayed home and watched more football.

An unfortunate aspect of the timing of Derek getting HFMD was that basketball jerseys for his basketball league came in on Monday. And he always goes through them all to make sure each team has the correct number and size of jersey. But, since HMFD is especially contagious among kids, he couldn't touch the jerseys. I had Monday off of work, so I got to spend my day off doing Derek's work, checking all the jerseys and making sure everything was there. It really wasn't bad, and Keith helped, so we knocked it out pretty quickly. We got lunch when we finished and headed to the video store to rent some movies. We watched Tangled that afternoon and it was a great movie.

We also rented It's a Wonderful Life and watched it on Tuesday night. Derek and I had never seen it. I think we might be the only ones. We loved it. And the funny thing is, since we watched it, I have seen references to it everywhere. The Pioneer Woman had a whole post on her site called 5 Things I Learned from George Bailey.  I've also seen facebook statuses and all sorts of other places mentioning it. I don't know how neither of us had ever watched it. Apparently it's on NBC every Christmas. It was a great movie though, and had some great life lessons that left us both feeling convicted, yet thankful when it was over.

I'm wondering, is there anyone else who has never seen this movie? What's another classic that I need to make sure I see?


Tracy said...

I have not seen it all the way through either. sounds like i need to.

Callie Nicole said...

I LOVE It's A Wonderful Life! One of my favorites. If you haven't seen The Nativity Story movie that came out a few years ago, it's really good too.

melanie said...

love love love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Being married to you is such a blessing. I am so thankful that I get to experience this wonderful life that God has given us with you...The best part about it is...the best is yet to come! Love you Scome! :)