Monday, August 24, 2009


This past weekend we went to Columbus to visit my family and celebrate my birthday and my sister's and mom's birthdays. I'll give you a few highlights:

1. We took Moose to the dog park. They have an excellent dog park in Columbus, and it has a lake that they can swim in. There is nothing Moose loves more than swimming in the lake.

We take him with my aunt and uncle's dogs and they have toys that they throw in the lake and the dogs retrieve them. We almost lost Moose when my uncle threw a toy out and his dog beat Moose to it, but Moose didn't realize it, so he kept swimming. We called his name but he just kept swimming further and further away. Luckily my uncle threw another toy behind him, he heard it splash and turned around and came back. Crisis averted.

2. We celebrated birthdays, as I mentioned earlier. I got 2 new vacuums! I know what you are thinking, who asks for a vacuum for their birthday and why would you need 2? Well I actually already have one that works. So now I have 3. One for the upstairs, one for the downstairs and a light weight stick vacuum for the steps. It may sound ridiculous, but when you have 2 long haired cats and a large long haired dog, and vacuum your house multiple times a week, it makes sense. No more lugging the heavy vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs!

Here is a picture of my sister sporting a few of her new gifts:

A shower cap and a pair of pink frilly underwear =) For every gift giving occasion, our grandma, Grandma Lo, gives us a gift bag full of lots of goodies. The exciting thing is you never know what's going to be in the bag, it's whatever Grandma Lo comes up with. Julie got a cute purple shirt, a thesaurus, a thermometer, 15 shower caps, and pink frilly underwear. I got a pair of gardening gloves, some gardening books, a vitamin book, a can of mixed nuts, a bengals cuzi, and some 1998 Kentucky Derby cards. And I got a sweet Kohl's gift card! It's always a fun time opening Grandma Lo's gifts.

3. Other fun things that happened were frisbee golf, shopping, dinner at the Cheesecake factory, and sitting around with my family and friends who I wish I got to see more of. I miss them lots and feel like my trips up to Columbus are never long enough.


jenna said...

your blog looks precious!!! i like the banner :)

Jade Cook said...

I have an uncle that has the same gift giving skills. On year in my gift bag I got a cake mix, 100 stamps, a box of candy canes and some touch lights. Such a treat!

Anne said...

I know - its so fun, you never know what you're going to get!