Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekend with Matt and Chelsea

So last November I won a free canoe trip and cave tour in Indiana at a silent auction. I was real excited about it and couldn't wait for the chance to use it, but for various reasons Derek and I weren't able to go until this weekend. The place we were going to go is about 45 minutes west of Louisville, so we decided to stay with our friends Matt and Chelsea Rupp on Saturday night and they were going to canoe and do the cave tour with us on Sunday.

We showed up in Louisville Saturday evening and had a delicious Mexican dinner then proceeded to play Derek's new obsession Settlers of Catan all evening. It is a real fun game, our friend Bryan introduced us to it when he came back from South Carolina and so now Derek is introducing it to all of our friends who have not had the joy of playing yet. All in all we played 4 games in a less than 24 hour period.

Sunday morning we woke up around 7:3o to pack some snacks, head out to breakfast and go canoeing. Around 7:45 I got a call from the folks at the canoe rental place to tell us that the river level was too high and they were closed - so there went our plans for the day. So we all went back to sleep and postponed our breakfast at Wild Eggs by about 3 hours. Since canoeing was no longer an option we decided that the next best option was to play some more Settlers of Catan and go to the pool. Which, if you know me, I love the pool so that was not a bad second choice. The only thing is, I was so excited to blog about our canoe trip so now I have to blog about the pool. So below, you can see a few photos from the pool.

I think one of my highlights from the day was when Matt and Derek asked a 3 year-old boy if they could play with his football.

So below you will see Derek asking the boy and his mom if they can play with the ball.

And here is Matt picking up the ball:

And now they are playing with it:

They are really funny. Overall it was a very fun time with the Rupp's in Louisville, and even though we didn't get to go canoeing or do the cave tour it was good fellowship and was great to see them and catch up.

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