Saturday, February 27, 2010

And... I'm Back!

Well friends, it was a glorious 4 days of skiing in Colorado. It snowed every night except Monday, and Tuesday it was bright and sunny and some of the best skiing conditions of my life. It was great to see my sister, and meet her boyfriend and her roomates and friends out there, as well as spend some quality time with mom and dad, as well as my cousin from Kansas City who I don't get to see all that often. I'll spare you the details of all the amazing skiing that we did and just put up a few pictures of the trip.

 Fresh tracks in the morning


Me, Jules and Dad


Jules and Jeff

Unfortunately, I came back with a pretty serious cold, which has put the half marathon training on hold. I'm hoping to start feeling better soon and get back at it.

Speaking of getting back at it, there are a lot of things in life that I want to get back to. Being gone for a week didn't help, but I feel like it started long before that, probably the wierdness of my mood that comes in the winter. I feel like I have just kind of been living in lazy mode, where I only do stuff when it absolutely has to get done. I haven't been very proactive and I haven't been doing a lot of the things that I would like to do. I think the sunshine today is motivating me, so here is a list of a few things I would like to do (in addition to running):

1. Unpack and get organized after my trip. (I only took the few things I needed out of my suitcase and everything else is still there.)

2. Find a good recipe to make something yummy for Derek's birthday. I haven't tried a new recipe for the month of February and Derek's birthday is Tuesday, so I'm thinking I could make something delicious on Sunday for him, since we have YL the night of his b-day. Also, going to the grocery and getting everything I need to make this would be part of this. Let me know if you have any good ones.

3. A few posts back I mentioned how God showed me this blog and this sermon series. I know that some of you who read my blog also read Katie's blog and in her most recent post she suggested getting together a small group to do the study of this sermon series. I really like this idea, because both her post and the first sermon really stirred me and I would love to talk about it, and talk about how to live it out. So, if you live in Lexington and would like to get together to do this, let me know. I know that we are all really busy but I feel like this is something I would be willing to carve out extra time for, because I think its important. So let me know.

4. I want to plant a vegetable garden this spring. I have no idea how to go about doing this. My parents are coming down to visit us in a few weeks and hopefully they will have some guidance. But if you know anything about this and/or want to help, I would love it. I feel like this is something I have wanted to do for a while but the weekends always get away from me and it doesn't happen.

I think that's all for now. I feel like I have had all these thoughts swimming around in my head and I needed to get them out and organize them, so thanks for reading all my random thoughts. Happy weekend!

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jenna said...

anne! i would be interested in looking into that sermon series if we can work it out! :)