Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Heart the Olympics

The winter olympics are here and I couldn't be more excited. I love everything about the olympics. I could watch all day long and not get bored. My number one favorite team is of course USA. And if this first few days of competition are any inidication, it looks like USA could win this year. My second favorite team is Norway. My maiden name, Strombotne, is Norwegian. My parents have a map of Norway that has the Strombotne family farm on it. I'm pretty sure that it is located just north of the Arctic Circle. I think this explains my love for skiing. Last night, I watched the men's downhill ski race and saw a guy named Aksel from Norway tear it up and take the silver medal. These are my people for sure.

Also, have you seen the Norwegian men's curling team?  Those Norwegians clearly have a great sense of style. No one on the corner have a swagga like the Norwegians.

(I stole this picture from yahoo)

So while I will be cheering on team USA for the next couple of weeks, I will also enjoy cheering on team Norway to finish second. And, what's even better is that I will be cheering them on from Colorado in a few days as I get back to my Norwegian roots and hit the slopes!

I feel like I should also take a moment to brag on my team that took gold in the Young Life Olympics last week at Club. Which country did we represent? Norway, of course.


Julie said...

Anne! Great post! I love your family history and that we share the love for skiing. How is it that we love to ski so much but have never been together? Are you going to visit Julie? I bet she is sad that A-basin does not have much snow this year. We were up there a couple weeks ago, but they had the lowest base of all, so we went to Keystone and Loveland instead. Mostly to Loveland because it was cheaper and we are cheap.

Have fun!!!

Anne said...

Jules - we seriously need to ski together sometime. I am going to visit my sister and I cannot wait. But seriously - we need to make skiing together happen!