Monday, June 7, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

I love Miscellany Monday because it takes the pressure off of trying to come up with something to post about. Every Monday, I know I can just write the random goings on in my head, and I don't feel bad about it, because everyone else is doing it too! Ok, so here's my random:

1. Do you ever feel like you need a vacation when you get back from vacation? Oh my goodness this past week has been so busy. (Hence the lack of posts.)

2. My camera is officially broken. I took it to a camera store and they said that you have to send it back to the manufacturer to get it repaired, and for the cost, it's not worth it, you might as well buy a new camera. Awesome.

3. Regarding comments from the last post - Marco Island is in South Florida, gulf coast side. It's just south of Naples. And yes, Jenna, the picture was taken at Kokomos - thanks for the recommendation - it was yummy!

4. I am loving my herb garden right now. I've been adding fresh herbs to everything I can. They are so good. I'll have to share my pesto recipe with you soon. It uses lots of fresh herbs and is very tasty.

5. I have been a failure at running/working out in any way. Vacation didn't help. Neither has the hot weather. I'm pretty sure that I have lost all in shapeness that I gained from running the half marathon.

Ok, I think I'll leave it at that for now. Head over to lowercase letters and join in the fun. And Carissa has a brand new baby girl, so if for no other reason, head over there to look at the precious pictures of her little bundle of joy :)


LeAnna said...

I'm loving my herb garden as well. Just last night I made ice tea with fresh mint syrup, it was so good! Sorry to hear about your camera, but a new one is always fun. :)

Anonymous said...


I came over from Carissa's blog. I love fresh herbs. I wish I had a garden to grow them in.

I absolutely understand your running thing. I think the warm weather just makes me lazy so I joined a class. Then I am forced to work out, even when it is warm, and I think they have air conditioning.

Have a blessed week,

Lindy said...

I hear ya on the running thing. Good luck getting back into it!

anythingbutperfect said...

I always need a vacation after vacation! :) And totally understand on the whole running thing!
Happy Monday!

Kristin said...

Hi Anne~ Love the randoms (although sorry to hear that your camera is dead :-() I can totally relate to the needing a vacation after your vacation and being completely and totally out of any exercise habit. - That's great that you're enjoying your herbs! I am too (and would LOVE your pesto recipe btw). Thanks for your sweet comments over at Windy Poplars! You are a dear. Yeah, it sounds like you wouldn't have been able to really make the most of a co-op membership this summer b/c of your travels. I'm enjoying it so far. We'll see how it works out as the summer goes on (this is my first year being a part of one). Hope you're having a fantastic Tuesday! Talk to ya later, ~K

Randi.Cariella said...

Tell me everything you know about herb gardens. I've always wanted to start one! Why not now??

Chloƫ said...

need some running inspiration? How about being my next featured runner? ;) I'd love your input today!

Stephanie said...

I am totally with you on #1. I think everyone should get at least a few days off after vacation. You need time to adjust to real life again.
Fresh herbs make everything better don't they??