Friday, June 25, 2010

Young Life Camp is DOPE!

Hey Friends!  My name is Kari and I am guest blogging today for Anne while she finishes up her amazing week at Young Life Camp.  You can regularly find me at The Adventures of One CrAzY Lady documenting my crazy life as a recent transplant resident of Chicago.

So Anne and I go way back, way before there was ever such a thing as a "blog".  We met our Freshmen year of college through an amazing ministry called Young Life.  If you've never heard of Young Life or you're barely familiar with it, I HIGHLY suggest that you go here and read more to discover all the amazing ways that God uses the ministry of Young Life to reveal to high school kids His deep and burning love for them {AND US!}.

After meeting Anne my Freshmen year, she seemed to be a good candidate for a roommate when it came time my Junior year to fill a room in my apartment.  We lived together for two years and then started leading Young Life together at the same high school for roughly 4.5 years.  As fellow Young Life leaders leading together, side-by-side at the same high school, Anne and I became very close.  She became someone that I would laugh with, be frustrated with (not at) and would really lay it all down with her because of the vulnerability we had through a shared ministry/mission.  We both were going after the same building of high school girls - we both have/had a desperate yearning for them to know Christ as their Lord and Savior.

So you work all year long as a Young Life leader - you work all 4 years long - all the while your beloved high schoolers are completed their high school experience and you walk alongside them.  You pray for them and with them.  You share your life with them as well as your faith in Christ.  You hope and you pray that somehow, somewhere, either through you or however else that they may see a glimpse of Our Father's amazing love for them.  That's where Young Life camp comes into play.  Young Life camp happens once a year during the summertime.  Let's get this straight - Young Life camp is no ordinary camp - it is the resort of all camps everywhere.  There is nothing "rough" about going to YL fact, it could be considered as a mini-vacay...heck!  A full vacay!

However, I'm not going to paint this picture that YL camp is all hunkey dorey for the leaders - because it's not.  It's hard.  Don't get me wrong - there's NO place I'd rather spend my summer (this is the first summer in 11 years that I won't be attending a YL's a sad summer) but it's physically, emotionally and sometimes spiritually draining to lead a group of high school girls at camp.  You are constantly "on" from the time you get on that bus to the time you arrive back to the parking lot in your hometown.  But!  It's T.O.T.A.L.L.Y. worth it!  Just think: you get to be a part of God's work for an entire week - seeing what He's doing in the lives of hundreds of high schoolers from across the country.

This is what Anne is doing as I type this.  She's probably sleeping on her mattress which is quite possibly located on the floor of the cabin due to a lack of beds.  She'll wake up early tomorrow, spend some time with the Lord and then go out and do nothing but love on some high school girls and try to show Christ's love to them.  It's hard, but it's so amazing!  God is at work at Young Life camp!  God is SO present at Young Life camp!  God is doing amazing things as we speak (Young Life camp or not)!

How is God moving in your life?  Was there a time in your life that His presence was so strong?  Do you have a place that reminds you of Young Life camp?  Have you ever been to camp?  Please share!

In the meantime, I'll leave you with pictures of Anne and I from the past 4 years that we went to camp together as leaders :).  Thanks for listening to my rambling :)

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.  
- John 10:10
Sharptop, Georgia 2006

Lake Champion, New York 2007

Windy Gap, North Carolina 2008

Rockbridge, Virginia 2009

Be praying for Anne and the rest of the group as they finish up their week at Young Life camp.  Be praying for the hearts of these high schoolers that they may hear what God is trying to tell them and that they may see Him at work in their lives and that ultimately they will give their lives up for Him and follow Him whole heartedly!

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