Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Heart Day

Happy Valentine's Day, love of my life!

Today I feel so blessed to call him my Valentine. Here are a few reasons I love this one:

1. He loves Jesus ALOT. To the point that everyone who knows him knows that about him. He is unapologetic about it, and the way he lives his life backs it up. He isn't afraid to talk about it, and his actions don't leave room for there to be any question.

2. He loves me a lot too and I never am left doubting it. He also enjoys loving me. It is not forced and is not something that is a burden to him. He would always prefer that I am with him.

3. He's hilarious. We have lots of fun and I laugh every day.

4. He treats everyone the way everyone should be treated. He loves people. When he walks into a room he doesn't look for who he knows best and who can make him feel cool, he looks for who needs to be loved, who no one is talking to and then goes and tries to do something to make them laugh or feel good about them self. He can talk to absolutely anyone about anything.

5. He loves to dance.

6. He loves kids and kids love him. He is great with them and can totally relate to kids of all ages.

7. He's very creative. We're rarely bored.

8. He always gets the words to songs wrong, but sings them anyways.

9. He makes up his own songs all the time. (I guess this is an extension of #7.) He also tries to rap. (This goes along with #3.)

10. He's real good at sports and I like his muscles. (I'm allowed to have one superficial one, right?)

Happy Valentine's Day, D! I love you lots!


Kari said...

you forgot #11. He always makes up fun games for either himself, you and he, or other people to play! Happy Valentines Day to one of my favorite couples!

Kayla said...

awww i love Derek!

Sarah Ann said...

So sweet :)
And thank you for your sweet comment on my blog today! So inspiring and I'm so thankful to be in such good company!

Sandy said...

This post was so fun to read. Hope you both enjoyed Valentine's Day very much. Thank you for visiting my blog to share your scripture memory. John 15:5 and Philippians 4:19 are both verses that I have really commited to memory also. Thank you again for sharing!

Ashley said...

Awww so cute and sweet! I think we are LOTS alike, I am so glad you stopped by my blog so we can be blogging friends:) Looking forward to getting to know you better!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

so precious! what a gift you are to each other!

Callie Nicole said...

This is a cute list, Anne! I hope you guys had a lovely Valentine's Day!