Friday, February 25, 2011

It's the small things

Well, it's Friday and I have made it through the week. Back on Sunday I knew it would be a long and tiring week, but I never would have guessed all that it had in store. But God is good, and He gives us small things to make us smile and brighten our days.

{And honestly, we have continued to be full of joy, because our hope is in Christ, and not in circumstances, and we know that when He gives us hard things it is only because He loves us and wants to draw us closer to Himself.}

And as silly as this may sound, last night God gave me the gift of a super fun night doing Zumba with some of my favorite LCA girls. I know lots of my friends have done Zumba and I've been invited before, just usually haven't had the time. But I finally made the time to join them, and that hour of shaking my hips and booty was just what I needed to put a smile on my face and re-energize me. I guess exercise will do that to you. And while it wasn't a terribly strenuous work out, it got my blood flowing and me sweating, and I'm sure I looked so goofy, but I got an hour to just dance my little heart out and work out and be with fun friends. And I'm so grateful for that.

We followed it up with a little dinner at chik fil a, some great conversation and then I had my Thursday night Bible study, where we are studying Isaiah, and this week was Isaiah 40, which is so full of hope. It's full of reminders of how big God is, and how He never grows weary, so that when we are tired and weary {and I have been most of this week} that He will give us strength and power. I'm so thankful that I am not reliant upon myself.

And so God gave me a Thursday night of small things to remind me of His great love. And I have a nice weekend to look forward to, with my husband not working on Saturday, and not a whole lot on the ol' agenda Saturday and Sunday.

I think I'm going to do our taxes this weekend and I'm really hoping for a refund {or really just not to owe any money} and as long as that is the case I might go ahead and book plane tickets for summer vacation before prices go way up! Hoping that it all works out.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Anyone have anything fun planned?


Kristin said...

Hey girl! I've always wondered about Zumba...I'll have to check it out! So glad to hear that God blessed you with "little happys" along the way this week. Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

that's so funny - i've had a super exhausting week, i'm going to work on (and hopefully finish) the taxes this weekend, and my bible study tuesday night was on isaiah 40! now all i need to do is make some time to shake my booty! love you!