Friday, September 9, 2011

On the Bright Side...

After my surgery I got what my periodontist calls a "stint" and I call a "retainer" to protect the roof of my mouth. The roof of my mouth is definitely the most sensitive area, so this "stint" has been a lifesaver. However, if you've talked to me on the phone or in person in the past week, you already know that I now sound like a middle schooler with a retainer. I thpeak with a nithe little lithp, and can't fully make my hard "C" or "K" thoundth. This has been especially awesome at work when I am on the phone and people can't understand what I am saying, and I have to explain why I sound like an awkward middle schooler.

In college, my friends Kari and Seth had this voice that they would use when they talked to each other. It was half lisp, half "I have too much saliva in my mouth". And all week I feel like that is what I sound like all the time.

Also, at YL camp this summer, there was a skit character named "Retainer Boy" who was nerdy, awkward and spoke with an awesome voice that was supposed to mimic that of a kid with a retainer. I sound like him now too.


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Kari said...

Although I'm sad that you're a little sore from surgery, I got a big kick out of imagining what you sound like :)