Tuesday, September 27, 2011

South Carolina in 24 hours

Happy Tuesday friends! Hope everyone had a great weekend! We had a super fun weekend that went by real quick, and involved two 6-hour car rides bookending 24 hours spent in Greenville, SC for our friend Shannon's wedding.

There were many fun aspects of this trip, the first being the car ride. We got to spend 6 hours with some of our best friends, catching up and just being together. Then, there was the wedding. To quote my friend Angie, it was"straight out of a pinterest-wish-you-had-this-wedding-board".   The ceremony was in a beautiful church, and the reception at a historic house in Greenville. I of course left my camera at home, after carrying it around in my purse for probably 2 months straight and not using it, and am now kicking myself. But luckily my friend Jenna took lots of pictures, posted them on facebook and is kindly letting me borrow a few.

I told my friend Katie, that I seriously felt like I was in a movie, except it was even better because so many of our close friends were there. It was so fun to road trip down to South Carolina, spend all weekend with friends, and have no agenda, other than to just hang out. We feel so blessed that we were able to go and celebrate with Shannon and Andy.


carissa said...

what pretty pictures! so glad your quick trip treated you well. greenville is really gorgeous.

Jessica said...

What a beautiful wedding!! And a whirlwind trip!