Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's Almost Christmas!

Today is Tuesday. Which means that Christmas is in 3 days! It also means only 1 more day of work this week. And Christmas dinner with my coworkers and their spouses tonight. And just general merriment in my heart.

Last night Derek humored me and we watched The Holiday together. (Have you ever noticed that The Holiday has nothing to do with Christmas - its just a chick flick that happens to take place over Christmas? Anyways, I still love it!) And we turned out all the lights and had a fire in the fire place and Christmas lights on. Sounds like a good start to Christmas week to me.

This year our festivities will start on Thursday, Christmas Eve, with Derek and I exchanging gifts with each other. Then we are going to go to church here in Lexington at noon, then pack up Moose and a bunch of gifts and head up to northern Kentucky to spend the rest of the weekend with his family.

This is the first year that we are not going to see both of our families on Christmas. Since my sister moved out to Colorado in the fall, my parents decided to go out and spend Christmas with her. So we are going to celebrate with my family over New Year's weekend when my parents are back in Columbus. While I will miss seeing my family, it is kind of nice to only be going one place for the weekend and not worrying about when we need to leave and all that stuff.

It's weird growing up because up until this point I've always done the same thing for Christmas every year. The only thing that changed was where we went to eat on Christmas Eve. And at first I spent so much time and energy trying to make things as much like they have always been as possible. But now that we are doing something different, I realize that Christmas isn't about always doing the same thing and trying to make everything just like the way it was when you were little. It doesn't really matter when we celebrate or what we do. And it's kind of nice that the pressure is off and we can just enjoy family and celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Anyways, I am pretty excited about Christmas this week and hope you all are too :) It's so close!!!

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