Sunday, December 6, 2009

State Champs!

So this week is full of exciting news. In addition to welcoming new baby Silas, it was a big week in sports. UK beat UNC yesterday for the first time in a long time, and LCA won the Class 1-A state championship. Unfortunately Derek had to work all day long, and Megan had a ticket to the UK-UNC basketball game, so Biscuit and I journeyed out to Bowling Green to go cheer on our team. It is probably the coldest I've been in a while. (When we got to Cracker Barrel for dinner, probably a good hour away from BG I still hadn't fully thawed out.) But it was totally worth it to see our friends win convincingly, a state championship. They did amazing.

I put this picture in from the paper because I think it is funny. Number 20 is our friend Max and he was so jacked up. Here he is with our friend Chase getting real excited about tackling a Mayfield player. It was so fun to see our friends play so well and be there to cheer them on and see them win a state championship. Way to go LCA!

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carli jean said...

yayyyyy go CATS! :) and that's so exciting LCA won too! :) an all-around awesome weekend for sports!