Tuesday, December 1, 2009

O Christmas Tree

So the tree is up! And just as I thought I did the tree decorating and Derek decorated the rest of the house. (He also helped with the tree but I didn't have to do any decorating besides the tree.) So here it is:

We do a colorful tree with colorful lights. That's because Derek and I like two different kinds of ornaments. Derek likes the unique multi-colored ornaments and I like red, white/silver and green balls. These are some of Derek's faves:

And these are some of my faves:

Ok, so I have a lot of favorites. Anyways, we have both types of ornaments and a very colorful tree. I think my dream christmas tree would have white lights with red, white/silver, and green balls. I would also love to have a blue and silver tree. What are your favorite kind of ornaments - are you with Derek and like the unique ones or the pretty more formal ones like me?

By the way - the star on the top is plastic and gold and from Kroger. I think we need to look into getting something new.

So here is some of Derek's work around the house:

Thes are of our mantle. I would love to get some embroidered stockings and silver stocking holders that spell Noel or something like that and some silvery and white and red accents. But this is what we have and I think Derek does a good job with it. Here is our Christmas village from my grandma that Derek set up:

And here are some cute plates I got as a gift last year from Williams-Sonoma:

So this is a little snapshot of some of our Christmasy decorations. Nothing crafty or homemade, but it's festive and was fun to get out as we listened to Christmas music and rediscovered everything we forget we had. Yay Christmas decorations!


Jen said...

If the tree you described is your favorite kind I think that you're REALLY going to like mine & Ben's this year!!! You still need to come over and scope out the place. Wait 3 days until we're done decorating!

Your place looks great!!

Anne said...

Jen, I would love to see your tree - and the rest of your place since I haven't been over since you first moved in and I know you have done some fun projects. Maybe this weekend? I hope so. Maybe I can live vicariously through your Christmas tree!