Thursday, December 3, 2009

Silas Daniel

So yesterday while I was hard at work at work, my friend Angie was hard at work bringing this little guy into the world:

Man, is he precious. Derek and I took our lunch hours today to go visit Micah and Angie in the hospital. We had a very slim window of opportunity - we knew if we didn't see him at lunch today it wouldn't be til next week that we got to meet the little guy and I could NOT wait that long. So we got to hold him and snuggle him and he is the sweetest baby. He had his little hat on the whole time, and as we were getting ready to leave, Angie took it off and I discovered THIS:

That's right. A full head of dark hair! Ijust love babies with lots of hair, especially dark hair. I think it is so precious. We probably spent a good 10 minutes trying to leave because I just kept wanting to look at him. Angie better be careful because I could take this one home with me.

Confession: All of my friends having these cute little babies is making me start to want one of my own. (Deep inhale and exale.) I need to stay strong.

Welcome to the world Silas - we are so excited we finally got to meet you!


Holly said...

oh anne! I saw him today too and he is so awesome! I call him my little bean, cuz he was so small :)

carli jean said...

yay baby Silas!!! :)


the Poston's said...

yay!! i just now saw this post:) he loved you guys!!