Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Friday!

It's Friday and it is glorious outside! I've already taken my car to get fixed, headed up to LCA to eat lunch with some of my favorite peeps and been to Keeneland. (For those of you not from Lexington, Keeneland is the thoroughbred race track here in Lexington. There is a spring meet during the month of April and a fall meet in October. It is beautiful there and you get to get dressed up and see beautiful horses race and its wonderful.) But I still love to go be outside and see all pretty horses.  Here are a few photos:

I bet this number 5 horse to show and he did and I won a whopping $3.40. And then lost it the next race :( Oh well - it was a beautiful day.

Tonight my friend Rachel is having a jewelry party. She has her own jewelry line, you can check it out on etsy here. I'm excited to see all of her newest creations and hang out with lots of friends.

As far as plans for the rest of the weekend goes, I am heading out to Todds Road tomorrow to run 9 miles - and I get to eat donuts after the run! Also, Derek and I are having a date night on Saturday! Derek and I don't really do date night very often. It's especially been a while since he worked every Saturday during the winter. So I'm super excited. I don't know what we're going to do but Derek has it all planned out. I'll tell you about it Monday.

The rest of the weekend is open! I'll probably spend a little time in the garden and hopefully get a little cleaning done around the house. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


Katie said...

yay for keeneland! all you girls are wearing such cute dresses!

i lost all my bets on opening weekend - so i had to bar myself from the rest of racing season. glad you had a winning ticket :)

Jen said...

it was soooo good to see you tonight friend...we need a date again soon!


Kristin said...

Sounds like SO much fun! I've always wanted to go to a horse race, but have never been.- I hope you enjoy your run (and donuts :-) and the jewelry party as well as your date w/ your hubby. Gotta love weekends!!