Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thoughts on Our "Calling"

I found this article the other day - one of my facebook friends linked to it - and I thought it was really interesting. It is about how we spiritualize the things we do by saying we're "called" to them. It's a really interesting and thought provoking article, and I think I largely agree with what it is saying. Here is the sentence that has stuck with me and made me think:

God’s “will” may have nothing to do with whether or not one should move to Seattle instead of Chicago but it does have something to do with what kind of person one will be in either Seattle or Chicago in whatever job one chooses while living in whatever neighborhood one desires.

Am I "called" to live in Lexington? To be a civil engineer? To work at my current place of employment?  God has definitely showed up in each of these things. But I imagine that if I lived in a different city or had a different job, God would show up in those places too. God shows up because I have a relationship with Him, and because I choose to be obedient to Him and try to glorify Him. I would do that regardless of the job I was at or the city I lived in.
I think this takes a lot of the pressure off of us trying to figure out what God's will is for our lives. I think we instead need to be focused on the kind of people we are being, and worry about whether or not we are being Jesus' desciples where we are at right now. If we do that, we can rest easy knowing that we are indeed in God's will.


Holly said...

oh Anne, I love this! Thanks for sharing!

tiffanypalmieri said...

thanks for sharing anne! i thought about this a lot when i was reading donald miller's new book. you should check it out! i often get stressed when making big decisions, wondering if it's the RIGHT thing that God wants for me. i have to remember that God gave me a brain for a reason, and he's going to show up no matter what!

Chelsie Denson said...

Hi! I'm stopping by for the first time! I saw that you were one of my newest followers so I thought I would stop by. THis post was very encouraging. I struggled with this earliar in this year, but I realized that I just needed to worry about being God's servant rather than worry about his will. Thanks for the encouragement. :)