Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Ok, so here's a little confession - I am OBSESSED with the OBSESSED. It is one of the first things I check in the morning when I get to work and I check it several times a day. Why do I do this? It's hard to say. But I love to look at the hour by hour breakdown and see what the weather will be like throughout the entire day. I also love to look at the 10 day forecast to see what the weather is looking like for the upcoming weekend, or for the days that I run. I love it when the forecast shows that it will be sunny and beautiful on days when I am off work. And I like to check back several times because it makes me happy to see the little sunshine icon on a Saturday or Sunday. If the forecast shows that it's supposed to rain or be gross on my days off, then I keep checking back in hopes that the forecast has changed.

If I am going to be traveling at all, then I am checking the weather even more often. I am checking to see what the weather is going to be like where I am going. I am also checking the weather to see what it will be like when I am traveling. Especially if I am going to be flying. I check to see if there are any storms in both the city I am departing from and the city I am arriving to, as well as any cities I may have a layover in. I am also checking the wind speed to make sure that it shouldn't be too crazy of a take off or landing. If I'm going to be flying in bad weather, I like to be prepared.

If we are supposed to get a snow or ice storm, I check to see when the snow or ice is coming and try to plan my driving around it. I was in an accident when we got a big ice storm my sophomore year of college. I also have witnessed cars spinning out on the interstate while driving in a snow storm. So, if at all possible, I try not to be on the road if it's gonna be real snowy or icy. So, with the help of the hour by hour breakdown, I can see what the temperatures will be (if they are below 30 I know I need to worry about the roads freezing - especially at night) and see when the precipitation is supposed to start and end.

 Here are some pics from our last ice storm

Ok, so maybe this is something I should keep to myself, because reading it, I see how crazy I sound. But it's true. I love to know what the weather is going to be. And, thanks to this lovely website, I know that even though it is supposed to rain tomorrow, it is going to stop by the afternoon so I can still run outside tomorrow evening. Is anyone else obsessed with the weather channel or is it just me?

P.S. Also, today, there is a "fire weather warning" for Lexington. I've never seen one of those before This is what it says."A RED FLAG WARNING MEANS THAT CRITICAL FIRE WEATHER CONDITIONS ARE EITHER OCCURRING NOW... OR WILL SHORTLY. A COMBINATION OF STRONG WINDS... LOW RELATIVE HUMIDITY... AND WARM TEMPERATURES WILL CREATE EXPLOSIVE FIRE GROWTH POTENTIAL. " Crazy - I didn't know we got fires in KY - I thought that only happened in California and Florida.


Jen said...

I've never heard of an explosive fire warning either...I'm feeling a little nervous...I guess I'll stop lighting all these matches in the middle of this wooded areas until it passes!

You should tell S. Wheatley about this...she loves the weather too!

Julie said...

I LOVE the weather channel too!!! Seth probably loves it more than I do, but we both check it all the time. So, don't worry, you aren't a loner.

Also, we had a red flag warning too! We were walking by the river two weeks ago and some IDIOTS were lighting of bottle rockets. RIGHT into some dried grasses. They caught on fire and the result was them trying to put it out with brooms. There was a lot of wind...not working in their favor. And then the Fire Department showed up.

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i totally thought you lived in lexington, sc. oops. then i read this post and realized i was so wrong!!! i become weather obsessive when i want to run, too!

Molly said...

I am completely addicted to, too! I have it on my phone and check it constantly. Like its going to change one hour to the next. Hehe.