Thursday, September 9, 2010

Loving You is Easy because Your Beautiful

The other night Derek and I were laying in bed and he starts singing this song:

Loving you, is easy because your beautiful.
root-en-toot-en-doo dum
la la la la
ahh-ahhh-a-ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! (really high pitched noise)

Now if you know Derek, you know that he makes up songs all the time. So I honeslty thought he made this up. Also, if you know Derek, you know that singing is not the thing he is best at. So I am cracking up at this song that I think that he made up, but he tells me that it is an actual song from Vegas Vacation and cannot believe that I didn't recognize it.

Back story: Growing up we didn't get cable til I was in 6th grade and Derek blames this for my lack of knowledge when it comes to old shows and movies. Sometimes I use this is my excuse as to why I don't know some reference that I really should. Sooooooo, we decided to call my sister and see if she knew what he was talking about, and this would settle whether or not I was out of my mind for thinking he had made this up.

Julie didn't answer her phone, apparently she doesn't get good reception at her new house. Crazy Rocky Mountains. So Derek leaves her a message and sings the song for her exactly as I have written above. And the next morning I get a text from her saying she has heard this song and thought I would have too. Dang it.

So I decided to You Tube it, because it wouldn't surprise me if I actually had heard it but that Derek's rendition was off which is why I didn't recognize it.  So I thought I would share the You Tube video with you all because this morning I was reading Pioneer Woman's 10 blogging tips and she said you should blog regularly, and I realized I have not been doing that and this was the only thing I could think of to blog today. So here it is for you!

After watching the video, I feel like I have probably seen this scene before, and therefore have probably heard the song before, but probably only once which is why I don't remember it. And Derek's version is not very similar.

The End.


Chloƫ said...

haha that's a hilarious story. I love when guys attempt to sing...they mostly can't, but it's still cute anyway :]

Chloƫ said...

oh and I've never heard the song before, either LOL