Monday, September 20, 2010

Shopping with D

One thing you may not know about my husband: he likes to shop. As in sometimes he will suggest that we go to the mall or go shopping just because. So Friday night, we went out to eat and afterwards we had some time before the movie we were going to see started. Another thing you should know about Derek is that he likes crafts. He likes making things like homemade Christmas ornaments and decorations. So, after dinner Derek suggested we go to Michaels, because he would really like us to make a memo board to put up in our hallway. 

We walk into Michaels and Derek is looking around in awe at everything. We head to the back where the bulletin boards are, but unfortunately they don't have one that is as big as we would like. So Derek takes off looking aroud the other aisles at all the stuff. He found a wooden letter D and got all excited. He saw a wood bookshelf and suggested we get it and paint it. He found Christmas ornament making kits that he wanted. It was really funny. Since Michaels sends out ads every week with 40% off coupons I told him that I would save the next coupon and we would come back.

Next to Michaels, is Marshalls. Derek had never been to Marshalls and asked what it was. I told him, and he said that he needed socks and asked if they sold socks there. I told him they did, so we headed over there. We walked in the store, and Derek takes a deep breath and says, "Ahhhh, the smell of savings!" What?!?!?! I don't know where he comes up with this stuff. We took the long way around the store to the socks where he thoroughly evaluated all of his sock options and selected the ones he wanted. But he didn't want to leave before looking at all the clothes. He had to go to the bathroom first, so he gave me his socks to hold and told me that I could pick out anything in the store for him to try on. Lucky me. So I picked out a graphic tee, a vest and a fancy pair of jeans. Kind of trendy, not really his style. But he did try them on and I thought he looked good. I think he kind of liked the vest too. Anyways, we both ended up trying lots of things on, and we even ended up buying a few things. We both couldn't resist the cheap prices and we never buy clothes so we figued we were probably a bit overdue for a couple new things. I love having a husband who loves to shop with me.

Also - after shopping we went to see the movie Grown Ups at the dollar movies with a few friends. It was actually really funny and I would definitely recommend renting it or seeing at the dollar movies.


Kari said...

What a goof! :) Sounds like a fun Friday night!!!

Anonymous said...

You guys are adorable.